How to Handle the Stress and Anxiety of Starting a New Business

~ by Patrick Bailey ~ Starting a business is like hopping on a train towards an unknown destination. As you face the challenges ahead as a new entrepreneur, read about the ways you can reduce the stress and anxiety when starting a business venture. Entrepreneurship is a like facing a journey without knowing what to expect. Many business owners find themselves feeling a myriad of emotions–excitement, overwhelming passion, and positivity. However, when the storms of small (and big) losses hit you, you may find yourself in a position of self-doubt accompanied with bouts of anxiety and extreme stress. How stressed are

5 Tools to Save Cash and Improve Economic Output

The days of your executive assistant remembering all of the details of every invoice, project or work flow might be over. Now, you have powerful resource management software at your disposal. Business, marketing and HR leaders use the best resource management software to optimize economic output. Compare features and find one that fits your business strategy. Here are the top 5 performers in the industry: 1. Float You can click-and-drag resource assignments to their proper place on the Float chart. Float’s resource scheduling allows you to vary views, provide live updates, track holidays and count sick days. The powerful filtering

The New Role of Video in Modern Business

In today’s digital world, technology is growing at a rapid rate. Those of us in the film industry love to see the progress of technology and celebrate its use throughout a broad range of industries. And we’re beginning to see essential applications of film and video in the business world that are making a difference. Video technology, in particular, is becoming more popular as businesses find ways to leverage it. Here’s a look at how companies across a range of industries are using video technology to grow their business. Work From Home Setups Any business that allows their workers to

4 Easy Ways To Improve Your Healthcare Job Search

~by Ryan Bucci ~ Those individuals in the job search environment know just how competitive it can be to secure a job in the healthcare industry, let alone an interview. The job search process can be a difficult environment to navigate. There are so many factors that come into play when it comes to potentially securing a hospital or healthcare job interview. The healthcare industry requires applicants to have additional credentials to ensure they can provide the most efficient and effective care. Those additional requirements make it even harder for applicants to be considered for the job, and the level of

Online Marketing: The do’s and don’ts to follow

Useful Online Marketing Suggestions How to Thrive in the World of Online Marketing: Intro Online marketing is a pretty tricky thing in this day and age. Although it’s tricky and confusing, it’s something all modern businesses need to comprehend. If you represent a business in contemporary society, you have to have a grasp of digital marketing and how it operates. If you fail to establish an Internet presence for your business, you’ll most likely fall behind rapidly. Consumers these days are more dependent on the Internet than ever before. Things are absolutely nothing like they used to be. People turn

A Quick Guide to Getting the Most Out Of Ecommerce

As an online retailer, you are looking for various strategies that can be used to increase customers to your website. You have developed several strategies some of which have been a success while others have not helped to spur your business to the expected levels. It is essential to understand that there are various strategies you will need to formulate and implement so that your company can be able to move to the next level that you desire. Here are some policies that you can apply to get the most out of your e-commerce platform. 1. Enhance Website Security People

5 Technology Assets Every Modern Office Needs

Break into the latest leading-edge technology for your business automation by instituting the Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) for an intelligent office. Business and remote offices have been expanding and transforming their technology assets to conform to many best practices for employee and environmental safety as well as using IoT and Artificial Intelligence software applications.The Internet of Things (IoT) is a collection of network devices, appliances, vehicles and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enables data exchange and results in higher efficiency, economic benefits and reduced human labor. You’ll be surprised how much time and

Leading Employees Through Interpersonal Conflict

Not everyone gets along all the time. This is especially true during times of high stress, which can turn minor differences of opinion into full-blown arguments and trigger all sorts of stress reactions. High-stress situations and conflicts can also bring to the surface underlying biases and unpleasant reactions to women in positions of authority. Because of this, managing conflict can be a point of particular difficulty for women in the workplace, no matter how well trained and skilled they are as managers or HR professionals. Managers need to be savvy and adjust the leadership style they employ, as well as

15 Ways to Find Clients and Make Your Business Successful

~by Haley Lynn Gray~   When it comes to building a business, the #1 question I hear most often is, “How do I find clients?” There is good reason behind this, since, if you don’t have clients or customers, you don’t have a business. One thing I truly didn’t appreciate when I first started my business is just how much of a sales person I was going to have to become. I thought that if I built it, clients and customers would come. However, I was pretty far off the mark. A couple of months into the business, I came

Are Boy Scouts Better Than Girl Scouts?

Someone on my Facebook Circle posted this article on my page:  Boy Scouts would be better with girls In it, he says that Boy Scouts is a great Leadership program, while Girl Scouts is not.  What I notice is that he mentions the Boy Scout Eagle Award, but completely fails to mention the Girl Scout Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards.  I think that he completely misses entire parts of the program, possibly because his own daughters were not exposed, or because Girl Scouts has failed to adequately advertise, and promote these awards and programs. The Girl Scout Bronze Award is