30 Days
to Soaring Sales
A 30 day e-mail based course to help you increase your sales and profits for your business online
This is the year your business breaks out and makes bank. You have ideas of what you want to happen, and a vision.  

* You can get people to start talking to you online.

* You can get them to schedule clarity session calls so that you can sell them     your products and services, so you can make some money.  

This online world can be mysterious, and there are certainly all kinds of unusual dynamics and cliques, and cracking the code is going to be critical to your business success. 

That is exactly why I created this course.  To show you how to get your business seen online, and become the Belle of the Ball.  To break into those cliques, and give your business the kick in the pants it needs so you start making money.

I'm going to teach you exactly the steps you need to follow to get your business seen, build credibility, and reel clients in.  In 30 days.

Over the course of the 30 days, you get easy to follow instructions that will bring your clients to you, in droves, because they will want what you have to offer.
What it is:
30 Days to Soaring Sales is an email based course. Each day, you'll get an email which will contain a set of instructions in it, with actions that you should complete that day, to improve your visibility online, and help you pitch your business successfully.  We will help you find Facebook Groups that contain your ideal client, where you can build relationships with dozens of ideal clients, so that you can sell them the products and services they desperately want and need.

Examples include:

Finding Useful Facebook Groups
The Power of an Introduction
When and Where to Pitch
How Often You Should Sell or Pitch 
And more...
Bonus 1
You will also receive a comprehensive Sales Strategy eBook which includes instructions for sales and marketing both online and face to face.
Bonus 2
You will receive a digital copy of my #1 International Best-Selling Book, Leadership Girl. Which is a guide to building your business, broken down into bite-size chunks.
Put my education and my experience in your corner and you’ll avoid the mistakes that slow down your progress and keep you wondering why.   I"ve started two other six figure businesses, and I have the education to back it up with an MBA from Duke's Fuqua School of Business, with a Concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  

Big words, but what it means is that I know what I'm doing, and I can repeat these steps consistently, and get proven results, which means money in your pocket.
What Others are Saying...
“This course was extremely useful, especially the tips on how to utilize groups and FB to create visibility and credibility. I also found the suggestions on content creation and thinking about more than a direct selling message to be very helpful.” 
 ~ Nickel Jaramillo, DN Strategy Solutions
“This course was very motivating!” 
~ Dawn A.
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