5 Tips to Plan Some Sleep

Most people think I never sleep.  Ever.  If you’ve read this blog, by now you may know that I love my sleep time.  I plan some sleep time for every weekend that I can to catch up, and sharpen my saw.  I’ve actually learned the hard way that if I do not get enough sleep, I get sick very quickly.  How much time is ideal depends on each person.  Some people really do need very little sleep, and some people need quite a bit more.  What are my tips for planning sleep?

5 Tips to Plan Some Sleep

  1. Go to bed at approximately the same time each day, if you can.  Get up most days at the same time. You’ll find that your body will get trained over time to sleep at a particular time, and wake at the same time.  I’ve found I will wake up at the same time on weekends too.
  2. Stick to a familiar routine just before sleep.
  3. If you find yourself doing “just 1 more thing” at midnight several nights a week, and you are finding yourself getting very little sleep, because you have 1 more thing to do- it’s a sure sign that you’re overcommitted.  That is the time to start shifting priorities to taking care of yourself, and getting some sleep.
  4. One problem I frequently hear is that moms get up and handle all of the night-time duties of kids.  And where exactly are the dads most of the time?  Oh, in bed.  Asleep.  Because they need their sleep.  Hello!  That child is the product of both parents, and both need sleep.  Dad needs to get up and handle some of the night time chores.
  5. Schedule a nap.  Make nap time a formal part of your weekends.  And take that time to sleep, and recharge.  Some of my friends wonder how I get that sacred nap time- I just schedule it, and my kids and husband understand that Nap Time is Sacred.  It’s at roughly the same time each weekend (except during cookie season), so everyone knows my routine.  I’ve even gotten my older kids into it.

In short, plan some sleep.  I find I stay far healthier when I follow my sleep and exercise schedule, along with eating sensibly.  It’s when I fall off the wagon that I find myself sickest.



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