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5 People You Should Respect

5 People You Should Respect

Interacting with the people around me is one of my favorite pastimes- whether it’s a flight attendant, a waiter or waitress, or just a mechanic.  I’ve found out that paying attention to and being respectful to those people who are around me,  goes a very long way.  Paying attention to others and respecting them will enrich your life, and smooth your path in countless ways.  Have you ever noticed that when you wave and smile and say “thank you” to a flight attendant, you see them perk up?  Do you know the name of the cleaning lady in your building at work?  Have you ever stopped and talked to her?  What about the security guards?  Do you know any of their names?

5 People You Should Respect

  1. Your Spouse.  Your spouse needs time and attention,and relationships need watering and feeding. Many relationships are harder for lack of attention.  Which also means that if they do pay you attention, don’t rip their head off.  It goes both ways.
  2. The Admin at Work.  Seriously the admin at work runs the place.  Get on their good side, and you’re golden. Get on their bad side, and things will not go so easily for you. Tips for admins include stopping to say hi, and see how they’re doing.  Because you care, and you want to get to know them.
  3. Your children’s teachers.  They hold your children’s future in their hands literally.  Make sure that they know you are on their side, and not going to be a helicopter parent.  Also make a point of sending in items for the classroom, or volunteering when they need it.
  4. Your Hairdresser.  You can learn so much from your hairdresser, and they hold your head in their hands, literally. Do you want them to do their best for you, and tell you what looks good, what doesn’t, and what the current trends are?
  5. The security guards, the cleaning crew, and the dock staff.  You may need their help some day.  I was always amazed at my previous employer at how many things I was able to accomplish, simply because I paid attention to these people, whether it was super quick delivery of packages, to finding supplies or other things that made my life- and my team’s life easier.

The other reason that you should pay respect to people is good Karma.  Being nice and pleasant doesn’t cost you a penny.  Building relationships only takes a tiny bit of effort, and showing people respect is so easy.  Why wouldn’t you do it?  There really isn’t a good reason not to.  I made a point of building relationships with my dad’s caregivers, his doctors, geriatric care managers, and other caregivers.  Those relationships have paid off exponentially.  In my case, it may be a bit more extreme than most, but his caregivers are key to my new home care business, because we like and trust one another.  We respect each other.

You can tell a lot about people by the way they treat others around them, particularly those who can’t do anything about it.  Next time you’re at a restaurant watch and see how people interact with the waitstaff.  They are some of the best people at turning hardships into wins.  Customers who are a pain, are a regular feature for them.

Who do you think is routinely overlooked that should be noticed more often?  Who are some people you should show some respect?

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