Maria Marc

Maria Marc is an enthusiastic, creative and self-motivated individual with a passion for ideas and people… a pedigree of marketing, sales, operations and continuous improvement with elite hotels, casinos, and a leading cruise line… acquired from both shipboard and land based experience.

As a little girl growing up in Romania, she dreamed of a bigger world. Her first written words, as she learned to use a pen, were ‘international life’. Coincidence or not, Maria has already explored over 54 countries, and dreams of visiting many more as her life unfolds.

Maria earned her masters degree in Leadership, Innovation and Change from York St. John University (UK) and continues to add more credentials to her knowledge toolbox.

One of her dreams is to inspire women to navigate their fears and uncertainties towards a world of empowerment and success.

Having recently launched her own consulting practice,, Maria offers support in the areas of organizational change, continuous improvement and career transition.

Maria Marc is a regular contributor for Leadership Girl.

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