Haley Lynn Gray, Business Coach and Founder of Leadership Girl

Swimming without a plan, so far,
has yielded approximately a quarter of what you hoped it would.

Jumping on social media when the inspiration strikes rarely pays the bills.

And listening to the latest podcasts, reading the latest blogs
are not giving you the MORE you started this biz for.

You’ve seen the power players in social media rocking their gig, so you know it’s possible.

So what’s not working for you?
Do your ideal clients know your name? Have they heard of you?

Do the people you need to sell to most trust you?
Can you email your list and make some money?

If the answer is “meh”, then it’s time to put the podcasts down.


Stop reading fluff­-filled content on every Tom, Dick and Jane’s website. And take hold of a hand that leads businesses out of the red and into the black.

It’s time to take the success that you’ve been dreaming of and make it yours. Create MORE of the minutes you longed for to spend with your family. Create MORE of the cash flow that affords the kids that killer summer camp they want to attend. And walk in the spotlight that has had your name on it from the beginning.

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Let us help you build the powerful business you’ve been longing to lead by breaking down what’s working in your business and what’s not working. Then we’ll create systems and automation that can be outsourced so your hands are free.

Not every business is failing because the owner doesn’t know how to schedule her day. Not every business needs to be everywhere, all the time.

We’ll look at what you do best, who you do it for, and how you do it. Then, we’ll determine where you should be, what you actually need to have your hands on, and what you don’t.I help you do that (728x90)

This isn’t your average business coaching. Because I’m not your everyday business coach.

I’m Haley Lynn Gray, and as a graduate of Duke Business School, I’ve been put through the paces of what business is and what it isn’t.

I take my education and my experience as a business owner of multiple successful businesses and help you nail what you need to change so that:

[list-item-arrow]  More profits are the norm.[/list-item-arrow]

[list-item-arrow]  More clients seek you out, instead of vice versa.[/list-item-arrow]

[list-item-arrow]  More people know you. Trust you. Implicitly.[/list-item-arrow]

Because if people see you, but don’t know who you are or what you do, or that you are the real deal, their money stays in their pockets. You want them to see you in social media, know your name, what you do, and drool to be one of your clients. It happens. Everyday.

Build your name and create trust and profits flow in.

But doing that isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Three, six or ten months with me and you’ll wonder why you waited so long to kick your own ass and start making real money. Promise.

My businesses are proof. My clients businesses are proof.

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I offer 3 different business coaching packages. In each, I’ll guide you through critical processes, give you the visibility you seek, and guarantee that you benefit from extended client support. It’s key to helping you feel completely confident while growing your business. This process is designed to trim years off of developing and growing your business.

[column-half heading=””][button color = “yellow” link=”” target=””]Emerging Entrepreneur[/button][/column-half]

3 months of coaching to get your business foundations set and solid, and a load of clients.

The investment is $3,000.


[list-item-square] Weekly Coaching Calls.[/list-item-square]

[list-item-square] Unparalleled support in the form of unlimited email and text support for the duration of your coaching with me.[/list-item-square]

[list-item-square] You will learn many different ways of finding clients, and have the opportunity to find the ones that work the best for you and your business.[/list-item-square]

[list-item-square] Critiques and edits of your copy so that you learn to write amazing copy that sells.[/list-item-square]

[list-item-square] Business foundations that will ensure your business has a rock-solid foundation to grow on.[/list-item-square]

[list-item-square] The exact steps I’ve used to grow my Twitter following from 580 to over 10,000 in 7 months.[/list-item-square]

[column-half heading=””][button color = “red” link=”” target=””]Excelling Entrepreneur[/button][/column-half]

6 months of coaching to take you through setting your business foundations, to getting clients, to growing your client base.
The investment is $5,000.


[list-item-square] Everything included in the Emerging Entrepreneur (3-month) package.[/list-item-square]

[list-item-square] 6 months of coaching and growth strategies customized to your goals – including clients, starting to grow products, services, podcasts, and courses.[/list-item-square]

[list-item-square] In-depth analysis of what is working, what isn’t, and course corrections to ensure that your business growth stays on track and momentum keeps building.[/list-item-square]

[column-half heading=””][button color = “purple” link=”” target=””]Supernova Entrepreneur[/button][/column-half]

10 months of coaching to take you from having only a few clients to an abundant supply. We take care of the details of getting your business stuff set up, and then help you get the clients.

The investment is $10,000.


[list-item-square] Everything from the two packages listed above.[/list-item-square]

[list-item-square] Design and build your website, logo, business cards, custom graphics for posts, brochures, and give you a starting set of 250 business cards ($2,000 value).[/list-item-square]

[list-item-square] Facebook Ad management (We will manage/run the ads; advertising cost is additional).[/list-item-square]

[list-item-square] Build your Facebook group by adding 1000-2000 members so that you can have a ready group of your ideal clients to talk to and work with.[/list-item-square]

[list-item-square] 10 Months of Social Media Management ($3,000 value). We guarantee that you will gain at least 5,000 Twitter followers during this time, and increase engagement on your other social media platforms as well.[/list-item-square]

[list-item-square] Sales Funnels Setup for 3 different sales funnels, along with auto-responder emails so that you can build your email list and draw people in for consultations. There is a reason that we say that the money is in the list. ($1,500 value).[/list-item-square]

[list-item-square] 10 Months of Coaching so that you can build your business foundations, bring in your ideal clients, and grow your business exponentially. This is amazing for you and your business because my clients get real, measurable results that grow their businesses ($10,000 value).[/list-item-square]

We’ll meet via Skype or phone each month during our time together to:

[list-item-check] Figure out what’s stopping you[/list-item-check]

[list-item-check] Unlock how to change that[/list-item-check]

[list-item-check] Strategize a plan to increase how many people see you[/list-item-check]

[list-item-check] Pen a plan to increase your credibility in the eyes of the people who would pay you to help them[/list-item-check]

[list-item-check] Discover what you need to do and what you need to outsource[/list-item-check]

You’ll be able to reach me via text, email and instant messaging, so if anything pops up between our meetings (and trust me A TON will come up), I’m at your fingertips… literally.

You Want Real Answers

Who this is for:

[list-item-arrow] The business owner who has spent the last few months struggling to build her name.[/list-item-arrow]

[list-item-arrow] The newbie to the entrepreneur game.[/list-item-arrow]

[list-item-arrow] The business owner who is tired of just surviving and is ready to start thriving.[/list-item-arrow]

[list-item-arrow] The business owner who understands that this is coaching, not a do-it-for-you package, and who’s ready to act as such.[/list-item-arrow]

[list-item-arrow] The business owner who is ready to be seen and known in social media.[/list-item-arrow]

[list-item-arrow] The business owner who is ready for a massive (money-making) list.[/list-item-arrow]

[list-item-arrow] The business owner who is thirsty for the time and money her business was supposed to bring her.[/list-item-arrow]

Who this is not for:

[list-item-arrow] The chick who is waiting for a magic wand to save her biz[/list-item-arrow]

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You want to build a true business that makes money from social media, sending emails to a huge list, and let go of the need to read blog after blog to TRY to make it happen?

My business coaching packages will give you those results.

Say yes to More. More time, more clients, more profits.

Because now? They’re ALL yours.

About Haley Lynn Gray

Haley-Lynn-Gray__IMG_2025-compressorI run this little show called LeadershipGirl.com. It’s my online baby, where I help small businesses become bigger, smarter and more profitable.

It’s where I get down and dirty with my bad MBA self to help businesses go from $4,000/months to profitable ­in only three months. It’s where I save clients sums in the amount of $50,000 over the last year.

It’s my playground.

I’m Haley, three time Best­Selling Author on Amazon, owner of two other 6-­figure businesses and Huffington Post author. I’ve also done a long list of TV interviews and I’m a record selling Girl Scout cookie pusher, with 15,000 boxes under my belt, for the last six years (using social media, I might add).

So, this is the smarts I want to put behind you to help you do the same with your business.

Are you ready? I am!

All you have to do is Say More.

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