How to Handle the Stress and Anxiety of Starting a New Business

~ by Patrick Bailey ~ Starting a business is like hopping on a train towards an unknown destination. As you face the challenges ahead as a new entrepreneur, read about the ways you can reduce the stress and anxiety when starting a business venture. Entrepreneurship is a like facing a journey without knowing what to expect. Many business owners find themselves feeling a myriad of emotions–excitement, overwhelming passion, and positivity. However, when the storms of small (and big) losses hit you, you may find yourself in a position of self-doubt accompanied with bouts of anxiety and extreme stress. How stressed are

5 Technology Assets Every Modern Office Needs

Break into the latest leading-edge technology for your business automation by instituting the Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) for an intelligent office. Business and remote offices have been expanding and transforming their technology assets to conform to many best practices for employee and environmental safety as well as using IoT and Artificial Intelligence software applications.The Internet of Things (IoT) is a collection of network devices, appliances, vehicles and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enables data exchange and results in higher efficiency, economic benefits and reduced human labor. You’ll be surprised how much time and

What Are You Liable For as a New Business Owner?

Most owners think about liability at one point or another, but it’s possible that with everything else that goes into running a company, this detail has slipped through the cracks. Certain businesses are more obviously liable than others. For example, if you run a daycare center, premises liability is likely one of the first things that crossed your mind, as according to Lane and Lane, any property hazard that can leave someone injured, whether it is a dangerous dog or a slippery floor, can be grounds for a case. Liability is going to be something important to learn about, no

Empowering Women to Embrace Their Power as Entrepreneurs

More and more women are breaking into the exciting world of entrepreneurship, which offers them many benefits. For example, most entrepreneurs enjoy flexible schedules and see huge opportunities for career advancement and financial gain. More importantly, entrepreneurs have more control over the direction their company takes—they can utilize their ideas in a way that is difficult to do in other professional settings. Despite all these clear benefits to entrepreneurship, men still dominate within the business world, which begs the question: how can we empower women to be entrepreneurs? If you’re interested in exploring this question further, then here’s a look

Why Overnight Success Never Is: The Truth

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ There is a myth out there that some businesses are an overnight success. You know, they suddenly become legends in their own time. A few I can think of are Periscope, Facebook, Google, and Apple. Yes. They are fantastically successful companies now, but they were tiny companies at one point.  It took years for each of those companies to achieve anywhere near the level of success that they are at now. It took years. In fact, I am an entrepreneur with several businesses, and I will tell you that we are two years in on two

How to Better Organize Your Business Meetings and Interviews

A typical business owner’s schedule is full of meetings and interviews. There are meetings with suppliers, coworkers, clients, safety inspectors, employees, and so many more. Some are conducted in person, while others take place online. As you go through a normal week, you know how important your daily planner and online calendar are but knowing about several strategies to better organize all these important events can help make your professional life a lot easier.   Prepare for the Interview Beforehand Prepare for your interviews if you want to stay on track and have them go smoothly. First, decide if an

Thinking of Quitting your Business? Read This First.

Remember back in the early days of your business, and you could envision yourself steadily growing your business? In this vision you poured your heart and soul into your business and you were rewarded with your business loving you back – giving you more time with your family, creating financial stability, and providing a place you loved to be during the workday. How does that compare to your current reality? Is the contrast a between fantasy and reality too painful to look at, or is your business working for you? I get it. I’ve been there. The days when all

Best Cities to Start a Business in 2018

There’s something appealing about starting a business. Having a vision and following through to build something great, who hasn’t thought of doing that? If you’re thinking of starting one, it’s important to note that some of your business success might depend on where you set up shop. Marketing rule #1 is location, location, and location. Different cities have a variety of support systems in place and have very different resources. If you’re thinking of pursuing entrepreneurship, here is a list of cities where you can increase your probability of success.   Decatur, GA Surrounded by colleges, this city offers an

How to Improve Home-Based Business Sales in Three Easy Steps

Generating sales with a home-based business is not a task easily completed overnight. Growing the number of customers and followers you have with your business is essential before you begin attempting to increase the amount of revenue you need. Knowing how to boost home-based business sales is ideal whether you are running a business for the first time, or if you are simply looking for new methods to drastically increase your income.   Research Your Top Competition Before it is possible to be at the top of your industry, it is essential to learn more about your top competition to

Little-Known Ways to Scale a Business Without the Cash Crunch

If your business is in a cash crunch, it can be overwhelming. After all, you want to be able to grow as quickly as possible and scale, but without money, it can seem daunting. But luckily, you can achieve this if you know the right tips and tricks. It is crucial that you follow the right strategies though, so you avoid pitfalls and get the result you’re looking for. Here’s how:   Sales Team If you find yourself wanting to scale but without the right amount of money, it’s time to go back to your sales. If you have great