Entrepreneur Interview – Valerie Jurik

Entrepreneur Valerie Jurik is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), keynote speaker, consultant and entrepreneur with over 30 years experience in the healthcare, medical equipment and construction fields. She is the CEO, Founder and Owner of Infinite Home Resource (IHR) and Freedom Frogs.   Interview Q & A 1. What is your business/Business Name?  What does your business do? Freedom Frogs (FF). FF’s purpose is to keep people living at home safer and more independently, regardless of age. FF is a team of healthcare professionals who connect people with a need, to a business that will provide a solution 2.

The Theory of Limited Energy

Theory of Limited Energy

A few years ago, I was a member in active working mom board on Babycenter, and the topic of time management came up on probably a weekly basis.  One of the women posed the theory of limited energy, which I’ve learned to apply to everything in my life. It was her belief that she has a certain amount of energy. She can use it at work, taking care of kids, cleaning, doing dishes, cooking, etc.  If she used all of her energy on “stuff” there wasn’t any leftover for her husband. So, he could choose- if he wanted sex, and

Are You a Believer?

 ~by Haley Lynn Gray~ Do you believe in what you’re doing? Do you believe in your career? In your business? If the answer is “yes”, then great! If the answer is “no”, then we need to have a serious heart to heart. Seriously, talk to yourself. In a quiet room, think about what you’re doing, and ask yourself if you believe in it. Do you do it well? Is it something you are passionate about? Let’s be honest. Working a job that you aren’t passionate about is just a job. If you dislike it, then it can be a soul-sucking,

Office Wear: Powerful Style Tips for a Woman in Charge

Office Wear: Powerful Style Tips for a Woman in Charge

When you’re the boss, you need to set yourself apart, and yet still fit in. Office culture and knowing how to balance your position and appearance can get tricky. There becomes the added fashion/beauty challenge for many women, but there are quite a few simple solutions that will reflect your power and intelligence and still show that you’re in the driver’s seat.   Giving the Shoulder A nice-looking blazer delivers a stronger impression and more definition than a delicately knit cardigan. The blazer has structure and a defined shoulder line, and it adds strength and sophistication. You don’t have to wear

7 Tips for Professional Behavior

 ~by Haley Lynn Gray~  I’ve been more than a little bit surprised by different behaviors of employees – tattling on each other, whining, and one that resulted in a screaming match. I guess you’d say that what I’ve seen is a serious lack of professional behavior. That’s perhaps not how to go about doing business successfully. I thought I’d include some tips here for professional behavior. 7 Tips for Professional Behavior When confronted with something you’ve done wrong, the first thing you do is apologize. That means simply saying, “I’m sorry”. Don’t add anything else to it. Just say, “I

Farha’s Journey to Becoming an Interior Designer

Farha's Journey to Becoming an Interior Designer

There are times in life when you make a wish not knowing whether it’ll ever come to fruition, and forget about it completely and go about your life doing what is needed or required and sort of forget you ever made that wish. I remember where I made my wish vividly. My parents were looking for a home, and we were going to open houses to see what fit our needs. Looking at all the beautifully decorated and staged homes, really got my interest in this profession, and I remember this one house where this feeling really made my heart

Develop Your Skills for Personal and Career Advancement

While some people are well aware of what they want to be when they grow up and manage to hit their profession from the get-go, most of us aren’t so lucky. I went from studying politics to studying screenwriting, at the age of 25! And I consider myself lucky for recognizing in time what I want from my career and what I don’t. Many people get stuck in their careers even if they’re not satisfied, mainly because of other people’s expectations. Morgan Freeman didn’t start acting until he was in his thirties, not to mention that he wasn’t a star

Why Attend Class For Something You Can Research On Your Own

Why Attend Class For Something You Can Research On Your Own

I recently started a business. I have already been researching information and asking questions for years so I am comfortable to a certain extent going forward but just not satisfied. Besides I am an old fart who knows just enough to know that he never knows enough that he shouldn’t want to learn more from others and get their insight. I signed up for a class titled, “How To Start Your Own Business”, I went into the class to find out what I didn’t know. A surprising realization was how much I actually do know! But I digress, in less

What are the Best Ways to Build a Business Profile for Your Resume?

What are the best ways to build a business profile for your resume?

Did you know that hiring managers spend an average of six seconds to make the initial “fit” or “no fit” hiring decision when looking at resumes? With this kind of competition, you need to ensure you pass the screening process and get into the interview room, right? Try building a killer business profile for your resume. A good profile is like putting an elevator in a ten-story building that helps the hiring manager to get to where they want to go quickly. A hard-hitting profile is packed with your most sought-after skills and expertise.  The following sections are essential for

How to Dress Like a Smart and Successful Entrepreneur

How to dress like a smart and successful entrepreneur

~by Jenny Park~ . There are times when we try to look witty we tend to do unfortunate stuff that makes us look stupid instead. Some people tend to experiment with unusual words and even put on an excellent poker face when speaking, which, based on studies, can blow you up straight in the face. We have this feeling that we can be successful, that we can make our small ideas big. Those may bring you millions, and eventually, you will get famous because of your innovative ideas. Do you feel this? Do you expect it to happen because you