How Networking Helped Me Get a Job

~by Alicia Krauss~ Network, network, network. It’s the one piece of advice I’ve heard over and over again since being laid off last summer. But what did I know about networking? I was working for a pretty stable company, and had been with them for over 14 years when I was told that my position was being cut. I never thought it would be me. I was comfortable and complacent. I had no intention of leaving my position. I didn’t have a resume prepared. And, other than people within my company, I hadn’t maintained a professional network. I mean, yeah,

4 Ways Women are Breaking into the Technology Field

~by Rachelle Wilber~ It is a very exciting time to be a woman interested in the technology industries. From gaming to apps and all points in between, it has never been easier for women to enter the tech world. Here are four examples of how women are breaking down the barriers and finding their way into the tech industry. Gaming Long seen as a boys club, women are increasingly active in the gaming field. Kim Kardashian’s game, Hollywood, was a massive success, while the popular game Cities: Skyline was developed by Colossal Order studios, whose CEO is Mariina Hallikainen. Women

How to Maximize Your Chances of Reaching Upper Management

~by Anica Oaks~ . Job promotion is seldom an easy and never an automatic process. Even years of hard work at the same company doesn’t guarantee advancement. Past research has revealed that while external hires made 18% more than internal promotions, they were 61% more likely to be fired. But there are some paths for maximizing your chances of reaching upper management. Specific Objectives Set your sites on positions that reflect your own professional experience and strengths: Front line supervisors used to managing smaller teams may seek to constantly increase responsibility and assume gradually larger roles. Functional managers such as

Entrepreneur Interview – Christina Washington

Christina Washington is an author, educator, Founder of Innovative Learning Solutions, and Founder and Executive Director of Young Scholars, the youth academic division of ILS. She is also a contributing author of 2 engineering lab manuals and author of Ms Pearl Makes a Discovery, a children’s book that encourages youth to get excited about science. Christina has received numerous awards for her efforts and continues to be a trailblazer in her industry.             Entrepreneur Interview Q & A —– 1. What is your business/Business Name? What does your business do? Innovative Learning Solutions is a professional

Often Overlooked Tips to Help Jumpstart your Career

The current job market is highly competitive. Even with an outstanding resume, more men and women are entering the workforce making each position a cutthroat game of who can get that last edge up over the other applicants. The question is, how can you stand out in your field, and how can you get that competitive edge? Here are a few helpful tips and tricks to help you make an impression and get the career of your dreams. Business Cards When was the last time you got a business card? What did it look like? Odds are you can’t remember.

10 Ways to Spot an Online Business Course Scam

~by Stephanie Lynch~ . In today’s competitive market, whatever you can do to make yourself more appealing to potential hiring managers could make the difference. It may be tempting to add more education to your resume, but with the cost of post-secondary education on the rise and resources being stretched so thin, many people look towards taking business courses as a means of refreshing or adding new skills. In fact, some work at home companies may require you take a course before you are even considered.   How can you be sure that the course and company isn’t a scam?

Four Keys to Surviving Change

One email changed my life. Less than one hundred words set me upon a new course in life. And the lessons that I learned through those has changed me and my home. This past year, I received a letter from the management in my company, notifying all part-time employees that they were no longer eligible for holiday pay. Some tenured employees, like me, would also be demoted with a pay-loss as the organizational structure was changing.  The little note was sent out at the end of the business day and ended with a wish for our happiness during the Christmas

Understanding Our Brain

~by Maria Marc~ We live in a noisy world, where instant messages, social media and never ending emails are a constant distraction in the work place… and to our brain. Studies show that multitasking is bad for our brain performance. Keeping the smart phone and email inboxes open while working can actually lower our IQ. The later we work into the night, the less we are able to think clearly… Self-control is a limited resource. How can we keep focus in today’s noisy world? How can we deliver performance in today’s demanding work environment? Here are few tips to remember (Rock,

3 Proven Tips for Working from Home… With Children

When you have your first child, many women want the best of both worlds – stay home with baby and be able to contribute financially to the family, while working from home. This sounds like the ideal situation… that is, until you actually try to do the work with children present. If you don’t set a realistic tone for your work-at-home venture early on, this will turn into frustration fast.   3 Tips to Actually Get Stuff Done Set Reasonable Deadlines. Since you’re working from home, all or most of your work will be done online, which is super convenient.

Do I Need An MBA To Start a Business?

by Haley Gray I think one of the biggest misconceptions is that in order to start a business, you need a fancy education. Sure, I have an MBA from a top-rated business school; it has helped me tremendously. However, I don’t think that was a requirement to start a successful business. The MBA is great for high level stuff, like accounting and finance, but it doesn’t really focus on the nitty-gritty details of starting a business.     What you really need are two things: Resources Online.  This includes coursework that is specifically targeted at starting a business, and a business