3 Instant Life-Lessons Taught By Selling Girl Scout Cookies

It’s Girl Scout Cookie season! It’s the 102nd anniversary of the Girl Scouts, and as I’ve been helping to sell these delicious baked treats, I’ve also thought about the lessons the girls learn every year while selling their cookies. It’s more than just being able to earn badges… selling Girl Scout cookies actually teaches valuable life lessons that impact far beyond the here and now.   Girl Scouts teach important lessons about responsibility, business, networking and life through the sale of the brightly-colored boxes of delicious cookies. Be Fun to Have Fun.  As the band Harvey Danger says in their

3 Tips For Painless Girl Scout Journeys

Let’s face it, most leaders really do NOT like the new Journey program.   And unless you do some thinking, and planning, and make a point of turning it into an extreme hands-on exercise, the girls do NOT like them either.  I’ve heard them compared to school, class, and homework. And they are BORING.  Well, to be fair, they can be boring, or they can be really interesting and exciting.  It all just depends on how you decide to present them. 3 Tips For Painless Girl Scout Journeys Make the Journey as hands-on as possible.  That means field trips to

So You Want To Sell Girl Scout Cookies

Many new leaders and cookie managers are overwhelmed by the Girl Scout Cookie Program.  It seems like a lot of work for not a lot of reward.  It seems crazy, and not worth doing on first glance.  After all, what’s the point of selling a lot of cookies.  There are other, better ways to raise money for the troop.  You’re not sure you want to sell Girl Scout Cookies.  I understand. It is worth it.  Whether it is worth it in terms of dollars and cents is open for discussion.  That’s not the only reason to sell cookies.  The real

Leading Girl Scout Troops

Since I’ve been leading Girl Scout Troops for over 10 years now, I thought I’d share some of the accumulated knowledge I’ve gained with other people. So You Want to Sell Girl Scout Cookies Painless Journeys Meeting Ideas Bronze, Silver, and Gold Songs I’m going to add information as I get a chance to type it in – there’s a lot of it. Please DO join in and offer your ideas. –Thank You, Haley Gray   

Teams Are Stronger

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ How many times have you just done something because it was faster to do it than to rely on someone else? How many times, because you could do it better, or you didn’t feel like communicating with someone else or dealing with them? Would you believe me that good teams are stronger than the individual can ever be, and can reach greater heights? I can give you several examples from my life of this. One of the easiest to talk about is about Girl Scout Cookies. As I’ve talked about it before, my troop sells a

Giving Back To The Community

A non-trivial percentage of my time is spent giving back to the community, through volunteer work, and through fundraising.  I noted in my profile that I currently lead three Girl Scout Troops, and also that I lead a cub scout den.  I think that giving back to the community is a great thing to do, and is rewarding and enriching.   I get back far more spiritually than I put into the effort overall. Every week, I lead at least one Girl Scout Meeting, and one Cub Scout meeting.  That means that we are constantly coming up with new craft

Taking Girl Scout Cookies To The Next Level

My daughters once again outdid themselves selling cookies this year.  The total number of cookies sold by the two of them (including gluten free cookies, which didn’t count towards their official totals) was 7195.  One of them sold 6115, and her official total was 4750.  The other one sold “only” 1080 boxes.  They both reached lifetime of 10,000 boxes sold this year.  In addition to my own daughters, I had a number of other girls in the troop who also sold over 1000 boxes, and another number of girls from other troops who sold with us, who also reached 1000

Encouraging Girls to Lead

  I spend a considerable amount of my time leading three Girl Scout Troops.  One of the biggest gifts that the program gives girls is the opportunity to lead, in ways that other organizations simply don’t.  Since there are fundamental differences in the ways in which girls and boys interact with the world, I think that it’s important to have leadership programs that are aimed at both genders.  It encourages them to step out of their comfort zones, and try new things. As a leader, I take the opportunity to encourage girls to lead very seriously.  This year, 8 girls

The Strangest Thing I’ve Done With My MBA

I am a troop leader to 3 troops. My biggest contribution for all three is to be the cookie Mom to all three troops. This year, I had 48 girls selling a combined 22000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. But that isn’t the strangest thing I’ve done with my MBA. The strangest thing I’ve done with my MBA has been to figure out how to unload quantities of a new flavor of Girl Scout Cookie that had been ordered by troops. They essentially marooned themselves and owed more to Council than they were going to receive in troop cookie profits.

Cary Girl Scouts Explore Corn Maze and Cooking

by: Samantha K. Herring   Like many other Girl Scout troops, Cary Girl Scout Troop #1799 is busy this fall. The girls and their adult advisors recently traveled to Huckleberry Trail Farm in Siler City, N.C., for an overnight campout. After unloading supplies and setting up their tents, the girls began preparations for dinner. They cooked macaroni and cheese for dinner using their camp stove and a box oven they had constructed at a previous campout. After eating, the group headed off to explore the farm’s corn maze in the dark—their favorite part of the weekend. Girl Scout Allison commented,