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5 Social Media Snafus That Can Cost You the Job

As part of our business consultancy, we work with lots of small businesses who make up the lion’s share of employers in this country. But today I’m shifting my focus to the candidates. Every hiring manager can tell you horror stories that you wouldn’t believe! And the truth is, there are some easy fixes to a lot of what’s sabotaging these candidates opportunity. More than your resume, more than your performance in the interview, more than anything about the way you present yourself in private, social media is killing your prospects. So for your sake, the sake of the great people we

3 Signs it is Time to Hire Your First Employee!

Small businesses and freelancing are growing more popular with time. With online and social media marketing, it’s easy to set up a business and be your own boss. This is why you see more people turning to entrepreneurship and be all the happier for it. However, there comes a time when a self-employed individual feels the need to expand their business. Some businesses may have at least one employee from the very beginning, but there are several that have to consider hiring for the first time. Employing another individual requires commitment, risk and fixed costs. Here we’ve rounded up signs

How to Attract Top Talent to Your Small Business

top talent

~by Amber Brunning~ . Small businesses are often limited on resources, and they need to do the best with what they can get if they want to succeed. This doesn’t mean small businesses need to settle for less –- it just means they have to be a little craftier and slightly more resourceful than their competitors. Small business have just as much power in terms of attracting top talent. It’s all a matter of how those small businesses approach the process. Write a Strong Job Description The right job description makes all the difference in the world. You may have

More Than Work: 4 Ways to Help Employees Through Hardships

employee hardships

~by Brooke Chaplan~ . Everyone experiences life hardships from time to time. These circumstances are just a natural part of life. Unfortunately, many employees feel they must choose between keeping their job and handling their business during times of hardship. As a business owner, it’s important that you show concern for the health and well-being of your employees, rather than contributing to their stress. With employee hardships, there are a few ways you can show your support in a professional way: 1. Offer Counseling Services One way to show your support is by offering an employee assistance program. These programs

Why You Should Hire a Multi-Generational Workforce

multi-generational workforce

~by Cari Samalik~ . The possibility of having a multi-generational workforce isn’t new. The era of industrialization introduced many entrepreneurs and businesses to the same dilemma. However, since times have changed because of the advent of the internet, it seems that the gap between generations of workers has widened, and problems of communications and stereotypes have gotten worse. The internet is a big catalyst and game changer when it comes to how companies run their businesses and excel in their respective industries. Since the Millennials were the first to experience the rise of the internet, a lot of employers choose

5 Effective Ways to Prevent Sales Team Burnout

Sales Team Burnout

~by Rachael Murphey~ . Salespeople, like all employees, feel the stresses of home and work life. Some burnouts occur suddenly, while others can be predicted from a mile away – either way, make sure you prevent your employees from losing productivity. Consider these 5 effective ways to prevent burnouts from the sales team. 1. Create To-Do Lists  A to-do list gives you a basic reminder of day-to-day tasks, so having one is better than having none. Ideally, make the list as detailed as possible. List each task in order of importance and assign a different person to each one. Do

What All Entrepreneurs Should Know About Employee Benefits

employee benefits

~by Eileen O’Shanassy~ . As business begins to expand, entrepreneurs will often realize that their eighteen hour days are not going to be enough. They will need to find employees with potential who are willing to dedicate to themselves to the company with the same drive. These employee will define the future of a company which is why employers should recognize the need for employee benefits. Employee benefits can be a little complicated, but are also a great motivator and can keep you competitive in the market. So it is important to do a bit of research regarding some of

4 Ways Workplace Injuries Cost Your Business More Than Cash

workplace injuries cost

~by Brooke Chaplan~ . When a worker is injured on the job, employers may be held responsible for a wide variety of costs. There are direct costs associated with workplace injuries, such as the payment of worker’s compensation, legal fees and medical care for the employee. Businesses also incur indirect costs, such as finding a temporary employee, lost productivity and decreased profit margins. Consider these four ways in which workplace injuries cost businesses more than just cash. 1. Decreased Profit Margins Many businesses operate on a tight profit. When an experienced and skilled employee becomes injured on the job, this

5 Ways Your Business Can Save Money by Outsourcing

save money by outsourcing

~by Hannah Whittenly~ .   Making a profit as a business can be a tough thing to accomplish in a competitive market. Most don’t succeed. According to Forbes, a startling 80 percent of businesses don’t survive to their third year. To survive, you have to look for ways to save. One way to do so is to outsource. Below are five ways businesses can save money by outsourcing. 1. Training Expenses According to the Association for Talent Development, companies spend on average $1,195 to train each employee. With a lot of employees, this can quickly add up. However, when you outsource,

Technology Solutions: Top 5 Reasons for Hiring More IT Employees

IT Employees

~by Kara Masterson~ . IT staffs use technology to enable businesses to operate more efficiently and increase their productivity tremendously. Reliable communication, ideal electronic storage and record protection are some of the benefits of assigning information and management section of your business to professionals. The tech-savvy experts can ensure sensitive information about your business is safe and protected from cyber criminals. Therefore, you can never go wrong with investing in IT resources and employees. Why Your Business Needs More IT Employees: 1. Automation Of Processes In today’s competitive business world, people are looking for strategies to do more work within