Simple Ways to Create a Better Workplace Environment

workplace environment

~by Lizzie Weakley~ . Creating a healthy workplace environment is very important. It helps with the level of productivity. It helps keeps stress levels down. If you’re looking for simple ways to infuse this type of positivity in your workplace from a managerial standpoint, consider these ideas. Example It’s important to be the change you want to see. Just like children are more likely to obey what their parents do more than what they say, you’ve got to be the model and support what you say with actions. Actions speak much louder than words. Be kind and courteous. Always be

How to Engage Your Employees and Increase Productivity

Employee engagement - employee incentive programs

~by Dixie Somers~ . Employee engagement is an extremely important piece of today’s business model. Companies are finding that engagement is correlated with employee productivity, which directly impacts the bottom line. With this information at hand, many organizations are developing incentive programs to keep employees engaged and motivated year-round. There are lots of programs you can develop that will not only increase employee morale, but also reward behavior that helps the company reach its goals. If you are interested in implementing an incentive program for your staff, here are a few ideas to get you started: Health and Wellness Program

One of the Best Degrees for Business Owners to Get

best degrees

~by Lizzie Weakley~ . Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to better their businesses and maximize profits. It can be as simple as learning skills that will not only help you in management but also in marketing and design. One of the best degrees for business owners to attain centers on applying psychological principles to everyday life and business. A degree in applied psychology will improve profits, make designs much more likely to succeed, and maximize the organization and ultimate value of a company. Human Resource When it comes to recruitment, training and retention of employees, a mastery of the

The Hiring Jackpot: How to Recognize an Ideal Candidate

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~by Emma Sturgis~ . As a business owner or hiring manager, you need to know what the ideal candidate for a job opening looks like. When you make the right decision the first time, you save a lot of time and money both interviewing people to fill the job and then paying to replace them when they don’t pan out. What are some methods that you can use to determine the best candidate the first time? Take Your Candidate on a Tour of the Company As part of the interview process, it may be a good idea to have your

Reliable Wage: How Do Businesses Ensure This?

reliable wage

~by Rachelle Wilber~ . For the working person, getting ahead financially and in a career means finding a job that offers a reliable wage. Fortunately, jobs that offer a steady income and good benefits come in all sectors of the work world, from blue collar work to white collar professions. Businesses can ensure workers that their income will be steady based upon factors like experience and work ethic, industry trends, and seasonal rushes. Here’s a look at three jobs and the ways that each of these business types offers a reliable wage to its employees. Healthcare Healthcare counts as a

Painful Lessons in Entrepreneurship

I’ve been in business long enough to have made some pretty spectacular mistakes. And I’ve also gotten some things very right. Here Are 3 of My Most Painful Lessons in Entrepreneurship:   Not getting an office early.  We have a team that is all over the area.  Lesson Learned now:  Get the office early, and you can keep people accountable. Working from home sounds lovely. If you’re a boss, it’s not so great, because in practice, it gets abused.  I’ve seen plenty of evidence of people saying that they are being super productive, but when you look at what they

How Bad Hiring Decisions Can Mess Up a Good Business Strategy | LinkedIn

It’s true.  Bad hiring can make or break your company, and I’m not the only one saying so.  It’s not just about hiring “good” people, but hiring the right person for the right job at the right time. Here’s the beginning of the article: This is not a story about Steve Ballmer, Steve Jobs, Tim Cook or Carl Icahn, although they all help to make the point that business strategy is often overlooked when making critical hiring decisions. Hiring people who aren’t naturally driven by the same business needs, no matter how brilliant or capable, can often take a company