How to Stay Motivated Throughout a Long, Cold Winter

by Haley Gray After the holidays are over, winter starts to drag on. The cold makes you want to just curl up under a blanket and the short days of hardly any daylight make you sleepy. Winter takes a toll on everyone’s mood and motivation, which can be especially difficult while running a business. You’d be surprised to discover that winter can be one of the most productive times of the year if you know where and how to focus your energy.   Whether you own a business or just a blog, here are some tips to keep your business

My Bittersweet Journey as an Environmental Conservationist

My bitter-sweet journey as an Environmental Conservationist

I was almost getting depressed after I received the sms on the course I was to study at the University. More depressing was the fact that it was kenyatta University.. I had chosen the course myself and the University was my choice ever since. It’s just that some people made me feel bad about this. I immediately knew my life was a mess hence forth I am not this kind of passionate people but I knew I wanted something to do with environment ever since. I just had no idea how to put the words together and explain myself. I

Farha’s Journey to Becoming an Interior Designer

Farha's Journey to Becoming an Interior Designer

There are times in life when you make a wish not knowing whether it’ll ever come to fruition, and forget about it completely and go about your life doing what is needed or required and sort of forget you ever made that wish. I remember where I made my wish vividly. My parents were looking for a home, and we were going to open houses to see what fit our needs. Looking at all the beautifully decorated and staged homes, really got my interest in this profession, and I remember this one house where this feeling really made my heart

6 Most Annoying Myths about Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders

6 Most Annoying Myths about Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders

Women in business still face prejudices and clichés that their male counterparts don’t have to deal with. The good news is that many of these myths are already dying. Changing attitudes and new opportunities are giving female entrepreneurs and business leaders a chance to shine. As much as times have changes, there are some persistent myths that simply refuse to go away. Here are a few of those that need to be addressed and debunked pronto. Myth 1: Women are Not Leaders by Nature This is probably the worst of all claims because it states that leadership is not a

Real Life Struggles of a Business Woman That No One Talks About

Everyone will talk about how problems in the workplace abound for women in business: day-to-day discrimination, the fight to secure funding for endeavors they’re passionate about, and queen bees buzzing about waiting for other girls to succumb to burnout. Each workday is a statement against sexism and a delicate balancing act — one that every woman who’s made any headway in business has learned to take in stride. What no one will tell you is that when women entrepreneurs leave the office, the struggles don’t stop. They just follow us home. And no one ever tells you what happens there.

William Shakespeare Quotes that Can Change Your Life

Shakespeare Quote

William Shakespeare is considered as the best British writer and one of the most well-known playwrights in the whole world. His plays and other works, and also poems are being read by a lot of people up to now and are relevant for our time more than ever. A lot of his quotes had become winged and they are referred to by many famous people. Today we want to share a few of them. “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” This quote by Shakespeare means that whichever the karma of a person is

No Ideas? 11 Steps to Organizing a Successful Brainstorming Session

No Ideas? 11 Steps to Organizing a Successful Brainstorming Session

We’ve all been there – in need of that one great idea and the brain failing to play ball. Some days, no matter how long I sit and think about a problem, that elusive solution won’t come into view. On those days, usually after I’ve spent a fair few hours berating myself for my lack of progress, I regroup and decide to do a brainstorming session. It’s a great way to ease a mental block and get some ideas flowing.  Whether you’re going to be brainstorming as a team or doing it solo, here are my eleven steps to organizing

7 Truly Awe-Inspiring Women Leaders Across the World

7 Truly Awe-Inspiring Women Leaders Across the World

While equality is still a distant dream for feminists, there are some women who have managed to rise to positions of leadership. As the cream that rose to the top, these are some of the most inspiring women in the world. Here are 7 women leaders who you can’t help but be awed by. 1. Angela Merkel As the Chancellor of Germany since 2005, Merkel has held her own on the political stage for 12 years already. Her supporters refer to her as ‘Mutti’, which means mother – showing that having a feminine and caring touch doesn’t have to make

Why Pushing Yourself is Essential to Finding Success in Any Area of Life

~by Kara Masterson~ . It has been said that the easy road becomes hard, and the hard one becomes easier over time. For example, this is something that an engineer knows because of work and school, particularly if he or she masters electrical engineering, which is incredibly difficult and requires a good deal of struggle along the way. Among so many examples, a surprising one can be found in a pee-wee football program in a wealthy suburb of New York. The Massapequa Mustangs regularly win the local travel championship, as well as a “bowl game” in Florida. The program has

Hearing Crickets When You Post on Social Media? Don’t Give Up

don't give up

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ . It feels like it was just yesterday, though it’s actually been a little while, that I first started posting on Facebook and other social media sites and blogs. I remember it all too well. I had this great, if not naive, idea that I’d write fantastic content from my little MBA brain, and people would adore it, and share it, and it would instantly go viral.   Yeah… that didn’t quite go as planned. What really happened? I wrote blog post after blog post, and the same 3 people viewed the blog or commented on