3 Ways Business Owners Protect Themselves from Life’s Catastrophes

Running a business is a juggling act. You must keep all the balls in the air, so your business does not fold. These balls include costs, clients, expenses, family, your health, taxes, and a host of other small and large issues. Chances are, if you are a business owner, then you are an expert at managing the multiple lever of your business. To keep these balls in the air, business owners must be prepared to hedge against unforeseen circumstances. If you want your company to survive, beware of “black swan events” or a black swan for short. What is a

Working Mom Interview – Stephanie Harris

Stephanie Harris is the owner of Triangle Amusements, Inc., located in Holly Springs, NC. She has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and has finally found her niche with Triangle Amusements, Inc. Working Mom Interview Q & A , 1. Do you stay at home, work at home, or work-outside the home? I work outside of the home full time and I also have a part time job. 2. How many kids do you have? Three – 2 daughters and 1 son 3. What’s your go-to dinner during the week? Do you care to share a recipe? Pork chops in the

Ready to Take Your Online Marketing to the Next Level?

The world of online marketing can be a challenging and confusing place, and so getting things right isn’t always easy. In order to be successful, it is necessary to have a clear strategy and take consistent action on a regular basis. As a Digital marketing agency in Dubai, we have done so many experiments for our clients. Here we are listing the Top 5 mistakes we did in the journey of our Digital marketing success. 1. Having no proper strategy. Conceivably the biggest mistake businesses make when it comes to online marketing is having no clear strategy in hand. It’s

How To Invest In Your Own Piece Of Mind

If there is one thing you can find online everywhere you look (besides pornography), it’s ‘self-help’ manuals. We’ve all seen countless posts, images and videos explaining how to achieve wealth, happiness and a piece of mind in 12 easy steps. After a while, these tend to blend together into a mishmash of yoga, gluten-free diets and excessive consumerism (or is that just me?). To be fair, there is some sound advice to be found in a lot of these guides, but for the most part it the same old tired phrases: Be nice to others, eat well, don’t stress over

Want to Learn Lifelong? Select a Career in Education!

Many people generally have the idea of learning as a kind of formal education in a school and a university or college. Since we were young, we are told that we need to have a good education. Well, here is the truth. It is a fact that we all need a formal education. It is because education makes us a decorated person, in terms of maximizing our potential to find satisfying jobs, attract employers, earn more and become really successful in our chosen path or career. However, formal education or “schooling” is only one kind of learning. There are other

5 Ways WhatsApp is Superior to Email for Virtual Teams

5 Ways WhatsApp is Superior to Email for Virtual Teams

WhatsApp is the most renowned instant messaging app for smartphones in the entire world. It has over one billion users. Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp was a shrewd business decision. Even though it started as a personal tool, it can also be used for enterprise. Here are five ways that WhatsApp is superior to email for virtual teams. What’s App Enhances Team Collaboration One of the biggest disadvantages of virtual teams is that there’s a lack of camaraderie, a lack of team collaboration. Virtual teams can be very isolated by nature, and there’s a tendency for everyone to retreat to their

5 Ways to Dramatically Improve Local Business Branding

5 Ways to Dramatically Improve Local Business Branding

  Businesses are vying for attention and the marketing space only gets more saturated each year. So how do you stand out? The answer is to have a powerful brand. Your local business brand is what your community knows about you, and ultimately why they choose to do business with you.   Building your brand, especially within a specific location is the most powerful marketing tool. Consumers are jaded and find comfort in working with brands they trust. Earning their trust leads to word of mouth referrals and further growth of the brand. In short, building your brand will lead

Networking – Making it work for you in 2018!

Networking- Making it work for you in 2018

According to Korn Ferry, 15% of jobs are posted, 5% go through recruiters, and a whopping 80% are found through informal sources. If these percentages are even somewhat accurate, guess what – you’re going to need to be talking to people to find out about what’s going on out there and who’s hiring. “Networking” gets a bad rap. Just – eeek. Cringe-inducing. Awkward. Pushy. Painful. And it can be, no doubt about it. But make it your own – be curious, be helpful – and see how different it can be. It might even be – dare I suggest –

5 Must Have Tools for Startups in 2018

5 Must Have Tools for Startups

Do you have big goals for your startup business in 2018? If you answered “Yes”, then read on. To make your plans come to reality, you’ll need the right tools to power your way to business success. Here’s 5 tools to supercharge your productivity. Project management 1. Trello If your business relies on a team, especially one that collaborates virtually from remote locations, you need extra help to keep everyone on the same page. With Trello, you can break projects down into tasks and make it clear who’s responsible for what. You’ll also have a clear view of what’s complete

Critical Ways to Refresh Your Social Media Strategy Right Now

Critical Ways

When it comes to building your business and making a stronger impact in the market place, improving your social media strategy is imperative. The last thing you want potential clients to do is land on your social media profiles and feel like there has been zero activity in the last three years. If your social media feed provides no value, the perception is that neither does your company. Revitalize your business image by utilizing these critical ways to refresh your social media strategy  right now. Keep Your Profile Photos Consistent Are you currently using multiple, random photos that you conveniently