Working Mom Survival Tip- Build your Team

  One very important working mom survival tip is to build your team.  Yes, I know, I have four kids, work full time, lead three Girl Scout Troops, and I just finished my MBA from Duke.  Those are all true.  However, I am limited to 24 hours in a day.  I require sleep.  I don’t do time travel either.  So, what’s a girl to do?  In this post, I’ll talk about building your team- your support team who are going to help you get it all done.   Build your Team If you are married, your partner should be an

5 Groundbreaking Tips to Make an Office Party Absolute Success

Looking to throw that perfect and memorable office party for your staff? Here you go yet again to celebrate your team’s success and to make your employees feel really special. Office parties in general are thrown with a view to kill many birds with one stone, so to speak – and let’s not be cagy about it.  Parties are a great way to boost employee morale , appreciate their efforts, let them have fun, get them refreshed, encourage their good work, engage with each other, and give them the reason to stay put with the company. This time make your office

Poised, Polished, Professional –The Experts’ Guide to Executive Presence

#1 Author Karen A. Thomas launched the first ever Business Etiquette book in collaboration with 5 etiquette experts. Poised, Polished, Professional –The Experts’ Guide to Executive Presence. “The thought of producing another book on business etiquette was so passe; so I decided to reach out to other experts in the etiquette arena and we collaborated on this endeavor together; producing the 1st ever – etiquette book featuring 5 U.S. Etiquette Experts.” – Karen A. Thomas, Etiquette Expert In this highly anticipated book, Karen and her co-authors draw upon their combined etiquette knowledge and expertise of well over 50 years, teaching,

Begin with the End in Mind

The second habit of Highly Effective people is to begin with the end in mind.  I think it is one that I frequently have fallen victim to, as well.  I’ve spent too much of my life wandering, hoping that something would find me, rather than deciding on a course of action, and working towards reaching it.  It has been a hard-won lesson that I can change my course, after I’ve begun a journey, but it is a waste of time to wander around aimlessly hoping that the destination will reveal itself to me.  There can be multiple ends, and the

You’ve Got Your Online Leads, Now What? 10 Quick Tips to Help You Better Handle Leads

So, your marketing professional created a terrific Lead Generation program for you producing select prospects. Now what? Here’s 10 quick tips to prevent mishandling your leads, and getting the most from each lead 1. Gather Best Prospect Information.   You’ll need your lead generator to provide you with some basic information that’s tailored to your industry, which should be at least one point of contact, whether email or phone—for texting only at this stage. Since various industries require different information, you know best what additional info you need for your business. Here are some data points to consider gathering: Email

4 Powerful Female Leaders

Female entrepreneurship isn’t a new concept, but the public is finally becoming increasingly aware of the strengths women in major leadership roles are bringing to the proverbial table. In the last two years, studies have been making the rounds that show the presence of more female leaders in top positions of corporate management directly relates to increased profitability of these companies. The value of diversity is also part of that data, because more businesses are starting to realize that diversity in the workplace is a business strategy that “maximizes creativity, productivity and loyalty of employees while meeting the needs of their customers

Plan, Test, Plan, Test And So On And So Forth

One of the fun things I’m doing with this new business is planning, then testing out how things work, then planning some more.  It is a never ending cycle, which will never result in perfection, but hopefully will result in a viable, healthy home care business. We are quickly discovering, that very few things go quite to plan.  For instance, we are trying to set up payroll, but can’t use starter checks for that.  So we have to find another way to do it.  Worker’s comp is brutally expensive, so we have to find a way to pay a graduated

What is a Thought Leader?

~by Jennifer Scott~ You may have already heard the term ‘thought leader’ floating around, and not thought much of it. After all, it’s just more office jargon, right? In fact, that isn’t the case at all. A thought leader is someone or something that can become incredibly valuable to your industry. Here’s everything you need to know about them, and how they can help you and your business. What Is A Thought Leader? In the simplest terms, a thought leader is an individual or business that’s recognised as an authority within their industry. They’re the people that others look to

Advice for New Entrepreneurs from Entrepreneurs Who’ve Been There

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ . I am so blessed to be part of a community of entrepreneurs and experts in their field. They all have so much to offer, and I wanted to share their tidbits of wisdom with other entrepreneurs — especially for those who are just starting out. So I posted this question in my Facebook group, Women’s Entrepreneur Network: What is one piece of advice you would give to new entrepreneurs? We received so many awesome responses; here are just a few: . Petra Monaco: Create a vision of what you want to create and be clear

Brand Protection Fundamentals: Trademarks

Brand Protection Fundamentals Branding is an essential part of starting and running a business for all businesses. Often times, entrepreneurs are eager to create the logo and color palette that will represent their brand as well as choose a brand name. It’s exciting to create the visuals of the brand, so I understand the rush. However, before we get ahead of ourselves and solely focus on what the brand will look like, it’s important to first consider the legal aspects of the brand, i.e., Trademark Law. Failure to do so can cost the entire brand and all of the marketing