How Can I Get the Funds to Start My Own Business?

How Can I Get the Funds to Start My Own Business?

Starting a business is a risk, but it brings with it great rewards. The first step towards starting a business is the hardest, though, because it requires a decent amount of money, which tends to be in short supply, especially if this is your first business. Fortunately, there are several possible sources of funding for starting a business. Below are the three categories into which most outside funding sources tend to fall. Informal Loans A significant number of businesses get their start through informal loans. Whether the money comes from a friend or a family member, this type of loan

What Kind of Security Does Your Warehouse Require?

What Kind of Security Does Your Warehouse Require?

Whether you manage a warehouse or if you own a warehouse for your own business purposes, ensuring it is secure is essential to your company and future success. According to the FBI, more than 2.5 million burglaries occur annually in the US alone. Because home and places of business are much more likely to become the target of a burglar without a security system in place, choosing the right security setup for your warehouse is imperative. Here are a few ways to decide what kinds of security your warehouse needs. Consider the Size and Layout of Your Warehouse Before investing

4 Things Your Business Can Do to Make Sure You Hire the Right People

4 Things Your Business Can Do to Make Sure You Hire the Right People

When you need to hire new people for your business, you want to make sure you get the right person. Employees can make or break a company, so you need to make sure that you use your hiring process to find a great fit for the position. Here are a few things that you can do to help you narrow down your applicants. Know What You Need This may seem obvious, but if you aren’t clear on what you need, you may end up with a great employee who just doesn’t quite fit what you need for the position. It

Aiming at Forever: Long-term Plans to Grow Your Business

grow your business

Running a business is a world fraught with perils, and if you don’t tread carefully, you’re likely to be in deep water at best, and bankrupt at worst. The key to powering well beyond those fragile first 18 months is to look at every single decision you make and assess whether or not that choice is a smart one for the long term. There are many ways you can improve and grow your business temporarily, but if you’re not making choices in light of your future hopes and goals, they are likely not the right choices. Revamp That Business Plan

NEVER Put Your Home in Jeopardy to Hire a Coach

One of the big scams I see running rampant in the online community are so-called coaches who walk people through selling their assets so that their targets can afford to pay them.   People pull out their credit cards, ready and willing to buy a dream. It’s like crack or cocaine. They figure if they just hire the RIGHT coach they’ll get the results that the other coaches haven’t gotten them so far. Unfortunately, they put themselves and their financial futures at stake when they sign up for some of these programs, which can easily range in price from tens

The Biggest Business Mistakes I’ve Made – and the Lessons I’ve Learned

~by Haley Lynn Gray~  . What I’ve learned in business is that there will be plenty of failures and a few successes. Sometimes the greatest success is learning from the failures, because those will frequently teach us the most profound lessons. I think that because I have such a fabulous education in business, I was able to avoid a number of business mistakes. But I made others because I never learned about those in school. If only it were that easy. Here are some common business mistakes … I hope you can learn from them as I did. 1. Think carefully

4 Signs Your New Business Needs a Major Overhaul

~by Anica Oaks~ . Statistics show that 50 percent of fledgling businesses within the United States die during their first five years. This is a sobering fact, but it is also enlightening. Fledgling businesses don’t just fail overnight. It is a gradual process. If a new business owner notices signs that their business is not going in the right direction, they need to take steps to overhaul their company. Some indicators of a failing business include: Slowing Growth Lack of Innovation Low Cash Flow Poor Cash Management If you notice any of these signs, you need to be proactive about

Why Entrepreneurs Need to Focus on Risk Management First

~by Mila Sanchez~ . If you have dreams of starting your own business, or have already opened one, you know there are so many things you have to think about. For instance: what do you want to sell? What service do you want to provide? Where do you want your business to be located? How do you reach your intended customers? But, the thing you need to think about most is risk management. As any entrepreneur knows, there is a lot of risk involved in starting a business. In fact, nine out of 10 startups will fail. This sounds like

How to Start Up a Green Accommodation Business

green accommodation business

~by Lillian Connors~ . According to a recent report, green hotels have become the most popular option when it comes to choosing accommodations. In fact, every fourth person in America will consciously search for green accommodations in order to make their travels eco-friendlier. That being said, it’s no wonder that green accommodation businesses are popular among entrepreneurs. It turns out that going green isn’t just good for the planet, but for your entrepreneurial spirit, too. So, if you’re interested – here are several things to consider when starting up a green accommodation business. Waste management Recycling is the first thing

A Beginner’s Guide to Starting an Online Business

online business

~by Joan Herbert~ . You’ve decided that you want to start an online business. With the changing economy, the world of commerce is moving out of brick and mortar stores and into the web. With the digital revolution, many professionals are finding out that they can earn a decent living working remotely, from the comfort of their own homes. Most freelance writers, web designers and coders don’t have a business location and just work from home. Many run their businesses entirely online and take advantage of the multitude of communications options and marketing platforms available today. Decide What You Are