Time Management & Priorities

How to Get More Done in Less Time

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ . Most people wish there were more hours in a day. I once opened a problem ticket at my old job to ask for more hours, but somehow that request was denied.   If I can’t get more hours in a day, then I want to certainly get more stuff done in a day.  Finding ways to squeeze more productivity out of the same number of hours is where finding the right tools and tricks comes in.   I’m not a big believer in multitasking. In fact, there have been a number of studies that show

All of Your Time Should Have a Purpose

  One of the habits of very successful people is that they use their time wisely and productively.  What this means for each person will be a bit different, but generally it means- all of your time should have a purpose.  Become a Time-Master. 1. If you need sleep, get sleep.  Sleep is very important.  Make sure you get it.  I can’t emphasize how important it is to get enough sleep.  This is the #1 challenge for so many of my friends, and for my children. 2. Do Productive Things for Relaxation. I like to schedule time where I am

5 Tips for Keeping Sane in the Face of Insanity

Sometimes life comes really fast.  Sometimes it’s like a fun house, gone mad, or a roller coaster ride that seems impossible to get off of.  Keeping sane in midst of the insanity is not always easy to do, and many times is downright impossible.  This week, I’ve been balancing work, Girl Scout Cookies, my Concentration for Duke, and a Dad who is very sick.  It’s like being in a tornado and on a roller coaster at the same time.  What’s a woman to do? How do I go about Keeping Sane? This Too Shall Pass The first thing to remember

MBA Survival Skill- Time Management

One of the most important skills for MBA survival is time management.  I will be posting a lot of tips in this blog about time management in general, but also specific tips that helped me get through the program, and do it with my sanity still mostly intact.   Okay- some of my dearest friends would dispute the sanity part, but I did survive the program.     Tips for Time Management for MBA Survival Decide which things you can hire out.  Chances are there are things in your life, that can easily be hired out.  Some examples in my

Are You Addicted to Busyness? Take the Busyness Test.

~by Rebecca Schaeffer~ We shame people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, but as a culture, we’ve actually normalized and even praised our common Addiction to Busyness. We expect successful people to be busy, so we present a persona of busyness in order to be perceived as successful. This “busyness,” writes author Tim Krieder in a NY Times Op-Ed, “serves as a kind of existential reassurance, a hedge against emptiness… Obviously your life cannot possibly be silly or trivial or meaningless if you are so busy, completely booked, in demand every hour of the day.”  Sound familiar? In case

Pick your battles

    Mess not in the affairs of dragons, for you are Crunchy and taste good with Ketchup ~Author unknown   Pick your Battles, carefully. One of the most difficult lessons in life is learning which battles to fight. You and only you can decide how you will expend your energy.  It can be tough to remember that others do not get to make those decisions for you. One example of this is deciding when to say “no” at work. You always retain the right to say “no” that you cannot do something. Some good reasons to say no: You lack

Understanding Why You Are Addicted to Busyness

~by Rebecca Schaeffer~ In technologically wired society, multitasking has become an expectation, but we’ve taken this Puritanical work ethic to an extreme, to the point that busyness has become a seeming hallmark of success! In our previous Leadership Girl post on being Addicted to Busyness, we explored the first step toward tackling your Addiction to Busyness – by eliminating tasks on your to-do list that you find draining, instead of energizing. The next step in overcoming this Addiction to Busyness is examining why we, as individuals, feel the need to stay busy. In the words of physician and author Dr. Lisa Rankin:

Reclaim Your Time by Eliminating Time-wasting Pitfalls

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ Have you been struggling with time management and desperately need to reclaim your time? Time management is about getting more accomplished and having time left over to enjoy your life. If you don’t engage in effective time management, then you’ll find yourself wishing you could get more hours in a day consistently, and wondering where all of your time goes. There are several different dimensions to time management: Making effective use of your time by eliminating time-wasting activities, using tools and techniques to get the most out of the time you’re spending on a particular task,

5 Simple Tips-Put First Things First

Put First Things First, is the third habit in the 7 habits of highly effective people.  What exactly does that mean? To me, it means that you have to put things like God (or religion), Family, and Health first.  Without those things, there is nothing else.  You cannot be an effective leader without having your own house in order.  It simply is not possible to focus on work, career, and the world outside of your home, if you do not first take care of your Family, Health, and Religion. My 5 Tips to Put First Things first: Schedule regular exercise

The First Habit of Highly Effective People – Be Proactive

The first habit of Highly Effective People is to be Proactive.  What exactly does being Proactive mean?  What are the implications of being Proactive? In life, we generally know what is about to happen, whether we want it to or not.  The rent or mortgage payment will always be due on the first day of the month.  Christmas comes on December 25 each year.  I know that I have to pay my mortgage on time every month, so I set up a recurring payment in advance.  That way it’s not so stressful.  I do the same thing with my Christmas