Take Time to Flood the Bathroom

Tonight when I came home, I headed straight for the bathtub.  Knowing that I likely was going to have a parade of kids coming through while I was in there, I decided to fill the tub with an egregious number of bubbles, and hop in.  Sure enough, I had all four kids in there at some point.  And the youngest decided that the bath was not complete without him in it, along with about 40 rubber duckies, 3 boats, and a water flute.  To me, those are some of the best of times- plotting how best to sink the ships

To Working Moms of Small Children

  ~by Haley Lynn Gray~   One of the big boulders in my life is the fact that I have four young children. They are my pride and joy. They are also a royal pain in the butt sometimes. Last night at dinner, my 12 year old daughter finished off her cheese sauce, and was licking it out of the cup. I gave her a look, and she put the cup down, and stuck her finger in it, and licked her finger. So, my husband looked at her, and told her to use utensils. My darling child then picked up

Mommy Wars

You’d pretty much have to be blind, deaf, and clueless to miss the ferocity of the mommy wars.  Both sides are equally at fault, and the fights are mean, nasty, and frankly needless and pointless.  They are also heartbreaking to hear.  Frankly, what’s to gain from them? Let’s be honest here- each of us makes the decisions that are best for our families.  Women are not “giving up”, “wasting their educations”,  or doing something crazy if they decide that staying in the work force is not for them after having children.  Women who continue to work after having children, are

Living With a Top Girl Scout Cookie Seller

When my oldest daughter started Girl Scouts, she would sell a couple hundred boxes of cookies per year.  It is fairly easy to get to a couple hundred in our family- call all of the relatives, post an order form at work, go door to door in the neighborhood, and work a couple of cookie booths.  Life was great until my youngest daughter entered first grade, and decided that as a first grader she was going to sell 500 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.  And so it started.  For two months each year, we live, eat, and breathe cookies.  That’s

1 Time Management Tip for Working Moms- Do the Most Important Stuff First

If I have 1 time management tip for Working Moms- and for All Moms, it is that they should do the most important stuff first.  I get asked at least once a day, sometimes more how I manage to balance everything.  I hear at least daily that I’m crazy.  I’ve heard plenty of speculation about the time machine that I supposedly have too.  I’ve filed labman tickets asking for extra hours in a day, and for some reason, they were denied. What’s with that?  Somehow I still have only 24 hours in a day, and I need around 8 of

7 Working Mom Trade-Offs for Survival and Sanity

It’s true.  You cannot have it all.  There really are only 24 hours in a day.  I do not possess a time machine.  Nor am I crazy.  Thus it is necessary to have some working mom trade-offs for survival, sanity, and thriving in this crazy environment.  Many of these tips will apply to Stay at Home Moms as well, but since I work outside the home, I’ll approach this topic from that perspective. 7 Working Mom Trade-Offs for Survival and Sanity Choose your children’s activities carefully.  They should be meaningful, and have a purpose. They should keep the end goal

This Working Mom’s Secret Weapon- My Au-Pair

I’ve talked before about building your team, and how critical that is for working mom success.  It is also critical for surviving an MBA, as well.  This working mom’s secret weapon is her au-pair. What is an au-pair?  An Au-Pair is a foreign born national who comes as part of an intercultural exchange program to help care for your children.  In the USA, the requirements are quite different from other countries.  I frequently describe an au-pair as being a cross between a foreign exchange student and a nanny.  I frequently call my au-pair my better half. Currently we are hosting