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When it Comes to Customer Service, IS the Customer ALWAYS Right?

~by Bryan Peterson~


So, is the customer always right? Or do we have it wrong?

For years, we’ve heard the old adage parroted: “The customer is always right.” But the truth is, submitting to the demands of unreasonable customers is hurting our employees and our business. By catering to the unruly and the impossible to please, we are marginalizing our loyal customers and undermining our employees who are trying to adhere to company policy. It’s time we showed the cliche — and the bad customers — the door.

customer always right

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customer always rightMeet the Author:
Bryan Peterson

Bryan Peterson is a Community Outreach Specialist at ROI Call Center Solutions. Bryan’s focus includes writing about technology, business management and anything that interests him. Bryan is committed to helping individuals discover new ideas and expand their horizons.


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