Highs and Lows

Saturday was one of the best days of my life.  It was the day I graduated from Duke with my MBA, or Master’s of Business Administration.  But as with everything in my life, there are always highs and lows.  The low that followed has been a tough week at work, and a tough week with my dad’s health.  No great day goes unpunished.  Today, my dad’s caregiver team advised a DNR order, or Do Not Resuscitate.  Needless to say, it is sobering, and heartbreaking. A DNR order is being ordered because my dad has advanced dementia, and is essentially trapped

Channel Your Inner Bitch Sometimes

You really do have to channel your inner bitch sometimes.  Not to be cruel, or unkind, or deliberately mean. You need to do it to avoid being walked on like a doormat.  I guess it’s part of being a woman- you are raised to always be a good girl, and be nice. Always be nice. Except that it’s not always possible to be nice.  There are many situations out there where we have to stand up for ourselves and push back, even if we are perceived to be a bitch because of it.  It is not a bad thing.  It

To Working Moms of Small Children

  ~by Haley Lynn Gray~   One of the big boulders in my life is the fact that I have four young children. They are my pride and joy. They are also a royal pain in the butt sometimes. Last night at dinner, my 12 year old daughter finished off her cheese sauce, and was licking it out of the cup. I gave her a look, and she put the cup down, and stuck her finger in it, and licked her finger. So, my husband looked at her, and told her to use utensils. My darling child then picked up

Home Life and Career Mirror One Another

I’m constantly amused at how my home life and career mirror one another.  Really, it’s eerie.  The same skills that I use with managing the au-pair, kids, and husband at home are the same skills that I use to manage my team and manager at work.  There are, of course, a few differences.  I never have to tell my team at work things like “Don’t lick your brother”, but many of the same principles apply. 3 Ways My Home Life and Career Mirror One Another Everyone likes praise, and plenty of it.  I use a heavy dose of positive reinforcement

5 Tips for What Not to Wear to Work

~by Haley Lynn Gray~   My workplace has a very relaxed dress code. Even though we are very laid back, there are certainly some things that shouldn’t be worn. I thought I’d touch on some things that should not put in an appearance at the office. I see most of the most egregious violations in the younger generation, and here’s a few thoughts I hope that will be taken into consideration. Consider this – my own list of what not to wear to work. My 5 Simple Tips For What Not to Wear to Work Shorts should be at least

The Power of Goals

One of the most interesting conversations I have at home with my kids, and at work with my employees is what their goals are in life.  What surprises me so much is how often my kids will state goals, and how infrequently I will hear strong goals out of people at work.  I probably would have guessed it to be the other way around.  Let’s be clear, just having a wish is not sufficient.  A goal is a wish with action.  The power of goals can’t be underestimated. One of the easiest experiments that I’ve done with goals is setting

What is She Wearing?

One thing that constantly amazes me about women, and being a woman, is our capacity to judge one another.  If I think back on how many times I’ve ever actually thought about what a male colleague was wearing at work, it would be very close to zero.  If I look at myself in the mirror and admit how often I’ve noticed what another women is wearing, how her hair looks, or any other factor, it would definitely not be zero.  Or even close.  Do you ever do that?  Stop yourself and wonder “What is she wearing?”, “Why is she wearing

“Helpful” Tips for Surviving an MBA

In the interest of being as helpful as possible, here are some tips for surviving an MBA.  You might not need all of these, but I thought I’d share them in the interest of helping you get through the experience.  I know I couldn’t have done it without applying some key strategies. Tips for Surviving an MBA Kiss your sanity goodbye.  For nearly two years, your life will revolve around Family, School, and Work.  The concept of balance and sanity is rather different when you’re working a full time job, while studying 20+ hours per week, and keeping some semblance

Job Search Tip: Apply Anyway

I’m currently reading Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In, and I have to confess that sometimes it sounds like she’s reading my thoughts, and in my head.  Honestly, it’s a bit scary.  I’ll be posting on some of her advice here, and commenting on it.  The first piece of advice goes to women looking for a new job, or considering a job change. Apply anyway. One statistic that Sheryl cites is that men will apply to a position when they match 60% of the requirements of a position, while women will typically only apply for a position when they match 100%

Some MBA Statistics

I’m sitting here writing my first post since I finished the MBA at Duke, and it is a bit confusing to not have a pile of homework due,or about to be due.  I thought I’d share some MBA statistics that I think sum up what the experience was about: 16 classes 1 Concentration 85 Students in my Class 8 Women 35 The average age in my Cohort 25 The number of Weekend Residencies 19 The number of months it took me to finish my classes 3 The Number of Months I worked on my Concentration Project (In Entrepreneurship and Innovation) Countless-