What About The Boys?

I spend a lot of my time and energy focused on helping girls defy stereotypes.  Girls should not be limited by their gender.  Help Girls see and realize their full potential.  We’ve spent years changing the mindsets of our teachers, and even the format of our classrooms to better accommodate girls’ learning styles in the classroom.  We’ve taught teachers to pay attention to girls’ needs and not let them get lost in the classroom.  I have a question though.  What about the Boys? Let’s think about it for a minute.  Recess times have only gotten shorter.  Most kids I know,

My Leadership Style

While I was studying at Duke, I had the opportunity to take a number of surveys, and spent a lot of time reflecting on my strengths and weaknesses as well as my leadership style.  At times, the results of the surveys were surprising, and at other times, they were exactly what I expected.  I learned a lot about myself, and have an idea of who I will be when I grow up. One insight that I gained is that I have a very collaborative leadership style.  If someone wants to step up and offer to help, I will rarely tell

My Kids, The Sociology Experiment

Being a parent is one long sociology experiment.  I’d say that is particularly true if you have middle or high school kids in your house.  In some cultures, there is a high degree of competitiveness, and a desire and drive to be the best students, and achieve the most in school. That does not seem to be the case in the USA, at this point.  Instead, there seem to be forces in our middle schools and high schools which actively seek out and try to destroy high achieving kids.  They are discouraged from being proud of having good grades, and

Say What You Mean And Mean What You Say

One of the things that drives me wild in life, and particularly in the work environment are people who tell little white lies.  Or half truths.  If you ask them to do something, they may nod, or say yes, then somehow it never happens.  Often.  Why is that?  I know that certain cultures have a very hard time saying no, but this is America.  Maybe people intend to do what they say they say they’re going to do, and somehow it never happens.  Guess what- that means that something that probably needed to be done just got dropped.  If I

Some Days It’s About Damage Control

Today felt like one long exercise in damage control.   Between my dad being sent to the wrong hospital by EMS in the wee hours of the morning, over the caregiver’s objections,and some stuff at work, I’m starting to wonder who next in my life is going to be sent to the wrong place.  After the confusion starts, I just have to deal with it, and do damage control.  Pick a Plan B, C, D, and E, some days.  Keep trying new things.   Stop, think about what just happened, and figure out if it’s the end of the world

Next Generation’s Leaders

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of eating lunch with three girls who I am pretty sure will be next generation’s leaders.  They are three girls who collectively sold almost 9000 boxes of girl scout cookies this year, and are the three top sellers in our council.  The girl in the middle is my youngest daughter, who placed second in this year’s sale, at 3041 boxes.  That puts her lifetime total at about 9400 boxes.  She’s in 6th Grade. Girl Scout Cookies, and the Girl Scout Program, isn’t just about doing crafts, and being cute little girls.  Girl Scouts is about

Just Another Typical Day

Sometimes people look at me like I live in a circus, or something when I tell them about my life.  You can be the judge of that.  Today was just another typical day.  I got up, and worked out.  I went to work, and juggled balls in the air, and nudged people and work along.  Somewhere along the way, the delicious purple dye in my hair started bleeding down my neck.  Yes.  I had purple everywhere, purple ears, purple neck, and purple hair. The only thing I had intended to have purple was my hair.  Whatever. After work, I went

Lead By Example

Aside from doing well in my current career, I think that one of the most important things I can do as a female in a leadership position is to lead by example.  I make a point of working with girls in Girl Scouts, and next year I’ll help lead my youngest son’s Cub Scout Den.  I try to mentor and lead young women in my workplace, and be a supportive role model.  I want the next generation to understand that they have choices, and that they are privileged to make those choices. I’ve heard it said before- you can’t be

Leadership Isn’t Always Loud

I work in a very highly technical field.  I’d say it’s pretty safe to say that most engineers are not exactly outgoing or gregarious.  In fact, most of them can be downright antisocial.  They are introverts, quiet, and they are leaders.  In fact, some of the quietest people I know are the best leaders.  People flock to them for advice, and mentoring.  In short, leadership isn’t always loud. How so, do you ask?  Well, stop and think about what leadership is.  Leadership is about influencing others to do something, to follow something, to swim in the right direction, and sometimes

Think Before You Speak

One thing that really makes me cringe in the workplace is people- NOT-  thinking before they speak.  They say things that have much broader implications and interpretations.  They make sweeping statements, and broad generalizations.  They will make personal attacks.  They are vulgar in their commentary, and frankly downright rude at times. Words Maim.  They cut people to the quick.  People remember words for a very, very long time.  Say something hurtful in an argument with a spouse, or the heat of the moment, and watch that comment come back to haunt you for the next 20 years.  Think before you