You Are Your Own Best Advocate

People are not mind readers.  You must define your own success.  You are your own best advocate.  Thanks to my friend Wendy for reminding me of that fact as well.  No-one will argue on your behalf, or advocate for you as you yourself should be doing.  If you are assuming that people will simply notice what a great job you’re doing, then we need to have a serious conversation.  As women, we simply assume that if we do a great job, that it will be noticed.  While that is partially true, it is just as important to TELL people what

Define Your Own Success

Only you can define what success means for yourself. Whether it is money, title, or job responsibilities, or simply getting through the day in one piece, you have to define your own success.  Only you really know what you would like to do, and what excites you.  Others may see what you do from the outside, but they have little or no idea what it took to get those things done.  They also have no idea how much joy or despair those things brought you. Your manager can’t define success for you.  Neither can your spouse, your children, or your

7 Tips Build Relationships to Build Trust

One of the key foundations of leadership is trust.  People have to trust that you are leading them where they want to go and not into despair.  You have to build relationships to build trust.  That sounds easier than it is actually accomplished.  That is especially true if you’re a woman in a business environment.  Why?  Because interests can be so different.  Viewpoints are different.  If you have kids it’s even harder, because you already have so many demands on your mind, time, finances, and all other resources.  So, what’s a person to to? Build Relationships to Build Trust Focus

3 Tips to Get Some Exercise

The human body is made to move.  Without movement, and rather a lot of it, bad things start to happen.  But, life is busy, so how do you get some exercise?  How do very busy people fit it in their schedule?  Exercise will help you feel more alert, and able to deal with everything thrown at you.  It is also a great way to blow off steam, and work out some of the frustration of daily living. Tips to Get Some Exercise Make it a Regular Part of Your Schedule.  I will block off time in my schedule for exercise.

5 Tips to Plan Some Sleep

Most people think I never sleep.  Ever.  If you’ve read this blog, by now you may know that I love my sleep time.  I plan some sleep time for every weekend that I can to catch up, and sharpen my saw.  I’ve actually learned the hard way that if I do not get enough sleep, I get sick very quickly.  How much time is ideal depends on each person.  Some people really do need very little sleep, and some people need quite a bit more.  What are my tips for planning sleep? 5 Tips to Plan Some Sleep Go to

5 Tips to Listen Effectively

It is important to listen effectively to respond appropriately.  You cannot do that without careful thought and consideration. “You have two ears and one mouth.  Use them in that proportion”.   This is a saying that I’ve heard from various classes on leadership, but I think that it is very important.  You should spend more time listening than talking.  At least Twice as much time listening as you do speaking. Wait until the other person is done speaking before formulating a response. How often do you start thinking about how you’re going to respond after the other person’s first 3

3 Tips For Building the Next Generation of Leaders

One of the most important parts of my life is building the next generation of leaders.  I find that I have an affinity for mentoring others, and really enjoy it.  I also think that it is very important to teach others to fish for themselves, so that they can lead.  I do this in my professional life at work, by mentoring colleagues, and the people who work for me.  I do this at home with my own children.  I also am very engaged in building the next generation of leaders through Girl Scouts.  I find that no matter where I

3 Tips for Success When the World Goes Crazy

Every so often, my entire world seems to flip itself upside down.  It did that a few years ago, when my dad had to be admitted to the hospital. He is a complex case, and required around the clock care on the best of days, so this was a lesson in creativity, and managing the chaos.  This isn’t the first time I’ve had to deal with this sort of thing, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.  Success when the world goes crazy is important to me. While Dad was in the hospital, and I’m ran back and forth, life didn’t stop, or

3 Tips to Build Trust

One of the key requirements for leading people effectively is trust.  They have to be able to trust your decisions.  I would argue that it’s probably easier to obtain that trust in your private life, and in volunteer work than it is in the corporate environment.  That’s because in your private life, and volunteer work, people assume that you are what you say you are, and that there are no hidden agendas.  Corporate life is not nearly so forgiving. Even if you are exactly who you say you are, and entirely consistent, some people are loathe to trust, and are

All of Your Time Should Have a Purpose

  One of the habits of very successful people is that they use their time wisely and productively.  What this means for each person will be a bit different, but generally it means- all of your time should have a purpose.  Become a Time-Master. 1. If you need sleep, get sleep.  Sleep is very important.  Make sure you get it.  I can’t emphasize how important it is to get enough sleep.  This is the #1 challenge for so many of my friends, and for my children. 2. Do Productive Things for Relaxation. I like to schedule time where I am