5 Tips to Listen Effectively

It is important to listen effectively to respond appropriately.  You cannot do that without careful thought and consideration. “You have two ears and one mouth.  Use them in that proportion”.   This is a saying that I’ve heard from various classes on leadership, but I think that it is very important.  You should spend more time listening than talking.  At least Twice as much time listening as you do speaking. Wait until the other person is done speaking before formulating a response. How often do you start thinking about how you’re going to respond after the other person’s first 3

3 Tips For Building the Next Generation of Leaders

One of the most important parts of my life is building the next generation of leaders.  I find that I have an affinity for mentoring others, and really enjoy it.  I also think that it is very important to teach others to fish for themselves, so that they can lead.  I do this in my professional life at work, by mentoring colleagues, and the people who work for me.  I do this at home with my own children.  I also am very engaged in building the next generation of leaders through Girl Scouts.  I find that no matter where I

3 Tips to Build Trust

One of the key requirements for leading people effectively is trust.  They have to be able to trust your decisions.  I would argue that it’s probably easier to obtain that trust in your private life, and in volunteer work than it is in the corporate environment.  That’s because in your private life, and volunteer work, people assume that you are what you say you are, and that there are no hidden agendas.  Corporate life is not nearly so forgiving. Even if you are exactly who you say you are, and entirely consistent, some people are loathe to trust, and are

7 Job Fair Tips For College Students

It’s that time of year again when career fairs are about to start going full force.  It is always an interesting exercise in people watching, to say the least.  Since I’m looking for several interns this year, I thought I’d share seven job fair tips for College Students.  This isn’t necessarily a comprehensive list, but is a starting place.  Please feel free to add your tips to the comments boxes as well. Job Fair Tips for College Students Research your Targets.  Research the companies who will be there, and prioritize which ones you want to talk to first.  That way,

5 Working Mom Career Tips

Getting through B-School was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done.  It ranks right up there with having four children, and having a full time Career that I enjoy.  I’ve had to learn a few survival skills over the years, so I thought I would share some working mom career tips that I’ve learned.  They will help you keep your career on track, and headed in the right direction for you. Be Fully Present One of the hardest skills to learn for many people is to be fully present with where you are, at all times.  It is also

1 Time Management Tip for Working Moms- Do the Most Important Stuff First

If I have 1 time management tip for Working Moms- and for All Moms, it is that they should do the most important stuff first.  I get asked at least once a day, sometimes more how I manage to balance everything.  I hear at least daily that I’m crazy.  I’ve heard plenty of speculation about the time machine that I supposedly have too.  I’ve filed labman tickets asking for extra hours in a day, and for some reason, they were denied. What’s with that?  Somehow I still have only 24 hours in a day, and I need around 8 of

7 Working Mom Trade-Offs for Survival and Sanity

It’s true.  You cannot have it all.  There really are only 24 hours in a day.  I do not possess a time machine.  Nor am I crazy.  Thus it is necessary to have some working mom trade-offs for survival, sanity, and thriving in this crazy environment.  Many of these tips will apply to Stay at Home Moms as well, but since I work outside the home, I’ll approach this topic from that perspective. 7 Working Mom Trade-Offs for Survival and Sanity Choose your children’s activities carefully.  They should be meaningful, and have a purpose. They should keep the end goal

This Working Mom’s Secret Weapon- My Au-Pair

I’ve talked before about building your team, and how critical that is for working mom success.  It is also critical for surviving an MBA, as well.  This working mom’s secret weapon is her au-pair. What is an au-pair?  An Au-Pair is a foreign born national who comes as part of an intercultural exchange program to help care for your children.  In the USA, the requirements are quite different from other countries.  I frequently describe an au-pair as being a cross between a foreign exchange student and a nanny.  I frequently call my au-pair my better half. Currently we are hosting

1 Leadership Tip-Build up Others

There are plenty of tips out there for leadership.  In this article, we will talk about 1 Leadership tip- build up others. What do I mean by that?  In life we’re all faced with a lot of situations in our daily lives.  It is the mark of a true leader who can rise above their jealousy, being tired, or just down, to be positive to others, and build up those around him.  The specific case I’m thinking of involves a girl in my daughter’s life who made the comment “That’s nice, I don’t Care”, when my daughter was celebrating a

5 Tips to Pay it Forward in the Workplace

Some of my favorite things in life are Random Acts of Kindness, and Paying it Forward.  In this post, I’ll talk about ways to Pay it Forward in the workplace.  Why would you want to do such a thing?  It boils down to a simple concept that transcends cultures.  Karma.  I firmly believe that paying it forward in the workplace is one of the keys to being successful. 5 Tips to Pay it Forward in the Workplace  Write a thank you note when someone does something nice for you, and send it to their manager. Do something nice for the most