What NOT to put on your Resume- 3 Simple Tips

There are plenty of guides out there of what to put on your resume.  In fact, I’ve written an article or two myself.  But what about what NOT to put on your resume?  Yes.  There are certain things that you can put on your resume, that will ensure that I don’t look any further.  I find myself screening thousands of resumes each year in search of college interns in the fields of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Management Information Systems.  I also look at other technology related majors.  Occasionally, the contents of the resumes are eyebrow-raising.  More rarely,

Giving Back

Giving back is an important part of being a well-rounded individual and leader.  It is actually a part of my DNA, and one of the activities that I participate in the most in my life, besides sleeping.  I realize that I’ve been incredibly blessed in life, and giving back to the world around me is part of who I am, and very important to me.  It is a part of my identity.  What ways do I give back? Giving Back at Work There are a lot of different ways that I give back at work, and make the world a

Working Mom Life

Working mom life can be tough.  Sick kids, work, taking care of everyone.  This week, my younger daughter, -Agent Weaselburger- was up throwing up Sunday night and Monday morning.  That was followed by her youngest Brother- El Chupacabra– waking up with a raging headache on Wednesday.  Christmas holidays are coming up, along with some of the requisite travel.  Add to that some doctors appointments, teacher gifts that need to be delivered, and an entire list of chores that need to be done, it’s tough. Some days, I find myself wondering whether it’s worth it to be a working mom.  Is

Duke MBA – Done

Today marks the last day of my Journey in the Duke MBA program. I am a member of the 2012 Weekend Executive MBA program, otherwise known as WEMBA.   I have turned in all of my papers, and am finished with my coursework.  Wow!  What a ride it has been.  From the beginning of the application process to  finishing classwork, it has been just over two years.  Two very transformative years. What I got from the Duke MBA: First: I have made a number of life-long friends while in the Duke MBA WEMBA program. We forged our friendships during the


My condolences to the families affected by the shooting in Connecticut this morning.  As a mom of four school-age children, I can only fathom the pain involved in losing one’s child at school.  Words cannot convey my sorrow, and despair about this tragedy. My sincere, and heart-felt Condolences to everyone.

5 Tips for Working Parent Balance

As a working mom with four kids, Balance is a never-ending challenge.  I have demands constantly pulling me in every single direction.  There is my job, my school work, four needy kids, my ailing father, Girl Scouts, Church, and -oh yeah- me.  I’m not wonder-woman.  I will say that over and over again.  I am but one person, bound by the space-time continuum. To get to a state of balance, try these tips for working parents: Tips for Working Parents Make time for yourself.  You can not be at your best if you do not take care of your physical


“Courage doesn’t always Roar.  Sometimes it’s the quiet voice at the end of the day that says I will try again tomorrow” ~ Mary Anne Radmacher This is one of my themes.  I am the quiet type who will keep trying, and trying, and pushing ahead. It is a type of courage to keep trying again, to do the right thing.  Courage to make the right thing happen.   I have found that direct opposition many times is futile, but by being a quiet courageous example and showing people how things are meant to be done, many times I have

3 Tips for Job Success

I am often asked for tips on how to succeed, so I thought that I’d offer up simple tips for job success.  They apply, regardless of industry, and work anywhere. Here are Three Simple Tips for Job Success: Communicate with your team, and your manager regularly.  Remember, that if you do something, and do not communicate it correctly, it might as well have never happened. Look for what needs to be done, and get it done. Anticipate the next steps, and act on them. Note that none of these rely overly on strong technical skills, but rather communication and thinking

5 Ways to Give Back

It’s the time of year when everyone is thinking about giving back to the community.  I think that one of the strongest examples we can set as leaders is to give back ourselves.  Here are some ideas for ways to give back to the community: Volunteer to lead a Girl Scout or Boy Scout Troop or Den. Do a neighborhood food drive for your local food bank Bring gifts to a needy family or sign up for an Angel Tree Child Volunteer at a soup kitchen regularly Volunteer at a thrift store such as the Habitat for Humanity re-use store