Self-Nourishment Lesson #3: Lemon Water

~by Susan McGuire~ Are you properly hydrated? Do you drink plenty of water? What about lemon water? What’s the difference?   Water is the most essential element on this earth for our survival, aside from air. We absolutely cannot live without it.  These days, more people are drinking lots of water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Some get enough, some don’t. Some may be getting more than they really need. We’ve heard many times over the years that our bodies are composed of mostly water. In fact, adult bodies are made up of about 50-65% water, on average. This

Entrepreneur Interview – Mike Niemchak

Mike Niemchak is a personal trainer who specializes in the proper mechanics, flexibility and stability of the body BEFORE getting into a strength based program. Preventing injury and reducing pain is the primary goal of his services, and he works with anyone who is looking to improve their health, physique and quality of life. Interview Q & A   1. What is your business/Business Name? What does your business do? Ideal Lifestyle Advocates is a lifestyle medicine practice specializing in improving lifestyle habits and quality of life. This is done through nutrition, chiropractic care and total body training that improves

How’s Your Lifestyle Working for You?

by Susan McGuire Lifestyle… What does this mean to you? Everywhere I turn I hear the word “Lifestyle”. It seems to be one of the latest buzz words. But what does it mean? Unfortunately, it has come to mean whatever the person or business wants it to mean. I recently heard about a lifestyle center that was going to be built in the area. Being a Health & Lifestyle Coach, I assumed it would be about healthy living, fitness, nutrition and the like. But it turns out that this particular developer was using the term to describe a place for