How Does an Online Summit Work?

How Does an Online Summit Work?

Online summits can be a spectacular way to build your email list.  In short, you bring together a group of speakers (typically 20-40 speakers, sometimes more), to cover a fairly narrow range of topics. Each speaker is interviewed or presents on their topic for a period of time, typically about a half hour, and then shares a free download with the audience. It can be a win-win-win.  Online Summits give great information for the audience, and all of the participants and speakers potentially get new people on their list, which hopefully leads to clients. There are a few different formats

Announcing the First Annual Leadership Girl Live Summit

Leadership Girl Live Summit 2017

The First Annual Leadership Girl Live Summit, taking place at the beautiful Doyle’s Vineyard in Durham, NC, begins on Friday, September 22nd and concludes on Sunday, September 23rd, 2017 — connecting women entrepreneurs together to foster deeper relationships to drive community and collaboration. “I’m not only thrilled to be sharing my years or experience with attendees but also honored to get to hang and network with some amazing women {and a few gents} at the LeadershipGirl Summit. Connection is a confidence builder and accelerator or results. Put that on top of wicked good content = RESULTS” The Leadership Live Summit

What You Need to Know to Master the Art of Business Networking

business networking

The first business networking meetings that I attended were something of a disaster for me. I’m naturally an introvert and am somewhat claustrophobic. Add in the ‘fun’ of being overweight, and it can make moving about in a crowd something… weird. To say that I was a hot mess navigating every networking meeting would probably be something of an understatement.   I realized that as part of doing business, I needed to master this skill. And being the logical person I am (some of you are probably laughing at that statement, admit it), I decided to put together a protocol