4 Signs Your New Business Needs a Major Overhaul

~by Anica Oaks~ . Statistics show that 50 percent of fledgling businesses within the United States die during their first five years. This is a sobering fact, but it is also enlightening. Fledgling businesses don’t just fail overnight. It is a gradual process. If a new business owner notices signs that their business is not going in the right direction, they need to take steps to overhaul their company. Some indicators of a failing business include: Slowing Growth Lack of Innovation Low Cash Flow Poor Cash Management If you notice any of these signs, you need to be proactive about

Don’t Make These Social Media Mistakes – What to do Instead

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ . One of the good things in life is that sometimes we’re successful in spite of being our own worst enemies and shooting ourselves in the foot over and over again.   That’s the good news.   I see a lot of entrepreneurs making some basic social media mistakes that are easily avoided entirely, and that are costing them quite a bit of money. In the worst case scenario, if you’re like them, you can give potential customers the mistaken impression that you are out of business.   Here are some common social media mistakes entrepreneurs

My Comprehensive Guide for Finding New Clients on Facebook

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ . I’ve written general articles in the past on how to get clients using Facebook, but this will be a more comprehensive guide.. Let me preface this by saying that there are several general ways to get clients. But if you aren’t careful about how you approach people on social media, you may end up getting put into Facebook jail. So exercise a bit of caution when using some of these techniques. I will tell you which techniques tend to be abused and which ones can land you in hot water..     1. Personal Facebook

Why I’ll Never Promise You $1,000 a Week or Instant Success

instant success

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ . Confession time. The posts that promise you’ll make $1,000 a week or some other unrealistic amount of money drive me bonkers. I see people piling on like rats on a sinking ship, and I just shake my head. And if it’s a post in my Facebook group, Women’s Entrepreneur Network, I hit delete as quickly as I possibly can.  . It drives me bonkers, I tell ya. You should see the steam coming out of my ears! Why? Because many of these posts are scams. Anyone who promises you that you’re going to make a

A Beginner’s Guide to Starting an Online Business

online business

~by Joan Herbert~ . You’ve decided that you want to start an online business. With the changing economy, the world of commerce is moving out of brick and mortar stores and into the web. With the digital revolution, many professionals are finding out that they can earn a decent living working remotely, from the comfort of their own homes. Most freelance writers, web designers and coders don’t have a business location and just work from home. Many run their businesses entirely online and take advantage of the multitude of communications options and marketing platforms available today. Decide What You Are

Hearing Crickets When You Post on Social Media? Don’t Give Up

don't give up

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ . It feels like it was just yesterday, though it’s actually been a little while, that I first started posting on Facebook and other social media sites and blogs. I remember it all too well. I had this great, if not naive, idea that I’d write fantastic content from my little MBA brain, and people would adore it, and share it, and it would instantly go viral.   Yeah… that didn’t quite go as planned. What really happened? I wrote blog post after blog post, and the same 3 people viewed the blog or commented on

Tips on Nailing Your Business Promotional Materials

promotional materials

~by Emma Miller~ . Expanding your business is a continuous venture. You’re doing well and that’s great, but that doesn’t mean you can just sit back, relax and enjoy yourself. People need to know about your company, so it’s time to promote it. Actually, it’s always time to raise your brand awareness. Reaching out to your audience and converting them to your clients is what every business in this world needs. There are various ways to promote your business, such as printing and handing out posters, brochures, catalogues, and presentations. Put as much effort as you can into creating a

It’s Time to Jump off the Proverbial Cliff of Your Comfort Zone

comfort zone

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ . Too many times in business we want results but are reluctant to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone.   We want income, but we are scared to talk to people and make sales.   Sometimes we start to achieve more growth when we make ourselves the most uncomfortable. And that is when we start to see that massive growth.   . . Sometimes you have to be a lot like a lobster and grow through adversity. That means learning that it’s okay to make sales and to pitch to people in your business. Because it’s

Ready to Succeed? 4 Steps to Starting Your Own Small Business

small business

~by Hannah Whittenly~ . If you don’t like your current job, don’t think you can advance in your field, or are just looking for more control over your professional life, it may be worthwhile to start your own business. However, before you start a company, it is critical that you think your plan through. What are some items to consider before you enter the marketplace? 1. Do You Have a Business Plan? The first thing you need to do is create a business plan that addresses what your company does, how it does it and how it can be profitable.

4 Innovative Marketing Techniques to Boost Your Business

Innovative Marketing Techniques

~by Kara Masterson~ . When you look at the ways that modern businesses market themselves, you can assume that most use a combination of web and mobile marketing. These are just the ways that many consumers search for and find information. They are never far from the Internet, and it’s convenient to find out about their favorite brands on their mobile device.  We have seen that many people with a professional background in marketing, like individuals who have earned their MBA online, will recommend a combination of digital and mobile marketing. They believe that such marketing strategies will help their