How to Shut Down Your Negative Thoughts

~by Debbie Jacobs~ Negative thoughts are just non-productive. They carry emotional upset and waste precious time. Nothing beneficial comes from thinking negatively; it accomplishes nothing and negative thinking is destructive to our life, especially when we base action on those thoughts our mind creates. More on non-productive thoughts include thoughts of guilt. I carried a lot of guilt during a time when both parents had passed and they were constantly on my mind. As much as they were loved, thinking about them was counterproductive to my needs. It’s like being at work and focusing on your personal business. I had

When Nothing is Going Right

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve probably had those times where everything sucks. The sun sucks, your family sucks, the job sucks, clients suck, there’s not enough money, so that sucks too. Everything sucks, and you’re down in the dumps. Yuck! Blech! It’s no fun when everything hits all at once, because you’re the person who everyone else is looking at to be the cheerleader, and the one in charge, making all the decisions. Did I mention that it sucks? What are some things you can do when everything looks like a miserable, abject, utter failure?  11

Start Your Morning Like a Wellness Pro

~by Natalia Levey~ How many of us take mornings for granted? We robotically go through the motions, groggy and tired. For those of us who are guilty of this, it’s time to start our mornings like a Wellness Pro. I have a confession to make – I am not a morning person. But having a great morning routine has helped me to actually look forward to waking up. Now I always start my day with a sun salutation, and setting a clear positive intention for the day! In search of the ULTIMATE MORNING ROUTINE, I surveyed over 100 wellness professionals,