Entrepreneur Interview – Michelle McGlade

Entrepreneur Michelle McGlade is an accelerator for holistic health practitioners. She is passionate about furthering the industry of holistic health care and believes her expertise lies in her ability to coach and inspire others to accomplish greatness.    Interview Q & A 1. What is your business/Business Name?  What does your business do? I founded Bellacu in 2012. It is a holistic health clinic offering natural medicine alternatives for women and their families. Our current service offering includes: acupuncture, facial rejuvenation, custom and dermaplaning facials, infrared sauna, naturopathic medicine, and massage. I am currently preparing for the launch of my

Featured Expert: Michelle McGlade

Michelle McGlade

Michelle McGlade helps wellness experts who are struggling not only with the business foundations and navigating the basics of online entrepreneurship, but also with reconnecting to their self-worth and regaining their self-confidence. Her one-to-one coaching combines tough love with business savvy to catapult her clients to unstoppable success. Michelle’s unique skill set combines her corporate backstory of 15 years in sales and marketing, Master’s Degree in Business Management, entrepreneurial journey as a Licensed Acupuncturist, Founder of a holistic health clinic, and online business maven to produce quick and lasting results for her clients. Q & A Leadership Girl: What is

5 Simple Steps to Increase Visibility for Your Business

increase visibility - guest post

~by Michelle McGlade~ . A fabulous way to increase both credibility and visibility for your business is to seek and secure guest post, podcast and other media opportunities. Follow these five easy steps to secure your next opportunity and increase your visibility! 1. Set Your Goal The first step is to know what your goal is for pitching blogs, podcasts or other media sources. Ask yourself: Do you desire to increase your credibility? Are you looking for opportunities to place yourself in front of more potential and ideal clients? Perhaps both are of interest to you? Understanding WHY you desire