10 Easy Things You Can Do To Grow your Business

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ There are lots of people out there right now looking to buy whatever it is that your business is selling, but they don’t know about you, or your product or service. That is absolutely true whether you are cleaning houses, or whether you are a travel agent, real estate agent, or a business coach, life coach, or any other business.  So, how do you close that gap right now to get in front of those people? What are some easy, inexpensive things that you can do right now to tell the world about your business?  

Leading From Within

A lot of times you’re going to see problems with an organization that you work with.  Honestly, you’ll probably always see opportunities for improvement.  The easiest way to get to real, sustained improvement is by leading from within the organization.  Pointing out the problems doesn’t solve them.  Finding ways to actually solve those problems, building coalitions, and teams, and coming up with solutions is the way to effect real, lasting change. One easy example of this that I can give you is the number of girls on the wait list for Girl Scouts.  There are more girls that need quality

Don’t Burn Those Bridges and 1 Tip to Build Them

The world is an incredibly small place.  I can tell you countless stories of running across people in strange places from other parts of my life.  My husband and I have never directly worked together, yet have worked with many of the same people.  I used to work with Finney, and now I work with his Wife, Becky.  The point of this is- Don’t burn those bridges, whenever you are upset, mad, whatever, keep building bridges.  Keep building relationships, because they do go around and come around again. Honestly, it can be incredibly tempting whenever you leave a phase of

Make Deposits To Build Trust

make deposits to build trust

  ~by Haley Lynn Gray~ In my post about building relationships to build trust, I stated that you have to make deposits with people in order to build trust, and like. In most cases, people take a while to get to know each other. In a professional environment, you are putting people together who otherwise might never socialize with one another and expecting them to behave like professionals, and actually work together. That means acting like a team, before you’ve actually gotten to that point in your mind, or your relationship. You had better be able to build those skills

Think Before You Hit Send

In an article about maintaining a professional attitude at work, the first thing I mentioned is that you should think before you hit send on emails, texts, or making phone calls.  Communication can be really tough, as intention can’t always be read, and when you throw in time and distance from the person you are communicating with, it becomes that much more difficult. Stop.  Think about your actions and the message that you are trying to convey.   Also think about what message you are actually conveying by sending a particular message.  It can be so easy to just let

Leadership Traits

Leadership has become one of those buzzwords in the business world, and in academic circles.  People talk about leadership classes, leadership academies, and more.  But what are the leadership traits that they are attempting to teach? 5 Leadership Traits See what needs to be done, and pitch in and do it.  That means rolling up your sleeves, and get the job done.  Even when it’s not so easy.  It also means doing things that aren’t your job, or your responsibility. Be Trustworthy consistently.  People will trust when they know that you are consistent in your words and actions.  You have

Why Leadership Girl?

Why did I call this blog leadership girl?  Why not call it working mom with four kids, or something else?  I could have named this blog almost anything, but decided to go ahead and name it after who I am, and who I want to be- a girl in the lead.  Never mind that I’m actually a forty-something mom with a couple of companies.  I actually use my leadership skills extensively at home  with my kids, au-pair, and husband.  I think that leadership is about influence, and influencing others to do what you want them to do.  Hopefully, to use

3 Ways Leadership is Hard Work

Getting to a leadership position requires a ton of hard work.  Staying there, requires even more.  I remember as a youngster thinking that once I made a certain amount of money, that I wouldn’t have to budget anymore.  Boy was I wrong.  I was equally wrong in my youthful thoughts that being in a leadership position didn’t require constant maintenance and upkeep.  Fact is, the things that it took to get to that position, are going to be required going forward, and more. Here Are 3 Ways That Leadership is Hard Work Leadership is about relationships.  That means that those