5 Must Have Tools for Startups in 2018

5 Must Have Tools for Startups

Do you have big goals for your startup business in 2018? If you answered “Yes”, then read on. To make your plans come to reality, you’ll need the right tools to power your way to business success. Here’s 5 tools to supercharge your productivity. Project management 1. Trello If your business relies on a team, especially one that collaborates virtually from remote locations, you need extra help to keep everyone on the same page. With Trello, you can break projects down into tasks and make it clear who’s responsible for what. You’ll also have a clear view of what’s complete

33 Simple, Low Budget Ways to Score More Customers for Your Business

33 Simple, Low Budget Ways to Score More Customers for Your Business

Getting clients and customers in business is the holy grail of growing your income. And I hear the cry daily of “I need more customers” from people, and they always want more ideas for how to get more customers in their businesses.   With that idea in mind, I decided to create a list with a ton of different ways to get customers or clients in business. Now, I’m not encouraging you to use every single one of these. The trick is to find the few that really work for you.  1. Direct Mailing. I’ve heard some say that they

Harnessing the ‘Power of We’: Build Relationships to Build Your Business

The Power of We

The ‘Power of We’. It’s at the root of everything good in our world. And relationships are the cornerstone of any business. When we work together, we can conquer just about anything. As Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” I am committed to changing the world one business at a time. That’s precisely why I started Leadership Girl in the first place. Providing resources, education, and sometimes just BEING there. I’ve been fortunate enough to have grown my Facebook Group, ‘Women’s

What’s the Secret to Getting People to Buy What You’re Selling?

Getting people to buy what you're selling

On the subject of selling, one of my favorite sales gurus, Kendrick Shope, says “All things being equal, friends buy from friends. All things being unequal, friends still buy from friends”.  There is one little secret to getting people to buy what you’re selling.   Truth: People buy with their emotions.   Think about it this way. Why the heck would people line up for days to buy the next version of the iPhone if they weren’t buying with their emotions? They feel a deep desire for this THING. Because it’s sexy. It’s cool. It’s awesome. They have DESIRE.   When

100 Favorite Social Media Conversation Starters for Better Engagement

100 Favorite Social Media Conversation Starters for Better Engagement

Getting the ball rolling on a conversation and getting people to engage on your social media accounts can be quite a challenge. It takes a variety of content such as helpful information, inspirational posts or a simple question. But so many people are left wondering what they should post to get engagement. After all, getting organic engagement can be THE Holy Grail for all social media marketers. I’ve spent countless hours coming up with and building a list of social media conversation starters that would encourage people to respond to my posts in my Facebook Group and in my other

Building a Pipeline: 5 Ways to Get a Consistent Supply of Customers

Imagine this – May was your best month ever in business. By July 1st, you are trying to figure out where all of the customers went. I’ve heard it, seen it and lived it – over and over again. Feast and Famine. What happened to that consistent supply of customers? What if you could change things up a bit? Change things so that you have a more consistent supply of customers in your business?   That’s where building a pipeline comes in for your business. Sure, you can turn on ads and get leads that way, but that can take time

Marketing Myths: Why the Shotgun Method Isn’t the Best Marketing Plan

Marketing Myths: Why the Shotgun Method Isn’t the Best Marketing Plan

I see a lot of small and medium size businesses trying to market their business using what I call “shotgun marketing” as their marketing plan. They are trying to save money, bring in customers and get more business. Sounds good, right? They read up on the latest marketing techniques and then start trying several of them. When marketing, these businesses might use Facebook, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Newsletter “blasts”, and others means. The problem is that they frequently end up having six different people providing services for them. Their website person is different from their SEO person, is different from their

7 Ways a Sharing Economy Can Help Your Business Save or Make Money

7 Ways a Sharing Economy Can Help Your Business Save or Make Money

According to a recent study, the sharing economy is growing exponentially. This is the economy created by organizations like eBay and Airbnb. Increasingly, individuals and businesses are cutting out the middle man and dealing with each other directly. We’re exchanging and sharing resources, either for a fee or a reciprocal resource. The benefits to businesses are huge. There’s vast potential for saving money and generating new streams of revenue. Here are just some of the ways the sharing economy can help your business: 1. Save or Make Money Through Office Space Big companies have unused office space. Smaller companies can’t

The Dos & Don’ts of Public Relations Crisis Management

The phrase “PR disaster” was perhaps never used more than it was last month when United Airlines forcibly dragged a passenger off of a flight, not because of any transgression he’d committed, but because the airline had purposefully overbooked the flight. The video of the incident would have been a disaster in and of itself, but United Airlines truly dug their own grave when their social media representative seemed to blame the victim of the incident immediately after the video hit the internet. The airline’s Twitter account referred to the passenger as “disruptive and belligerent”, despite the fact that the

3 Signs it is Time to Hire Your First Employee!

Small businesses and freelancing are growing more popular with time. With online and social media marketing, it’s easy to set up a business and be your own boss. This is why you see more people turning to entrepreneurship and be all the happier for it. However, there comes a time when a self-employed individual feels the need to expand their business. Some businesses may have at least one employee from the very beginning, but there are several that have to consider hiring for the first time. Employing another individual requires commitment, risk and fixed costs. Here we’ve rounded up signs