9 Stress Relieving Secrets Every Woman Should Know

~by Dianna Sandora~ Do you ever feel so stressed that you’d just like for the world to stop spinning for a few minutes so that you can get off? I know there are times that is exactly how I feel. Too much to do and not enough time to do it in. What’s worse is – not only does your business suffer, so does your personal life. In this 24×7 go, go, go world, how do you survive?  If you’ve been looking for stress relieving tips, read on… Below you will find my nine closely guarded secrets that I have

3 Strategies to Help Reduce Stress So You Can Work Efficiently

reduce stress

~by Emma Sturgis~ . The phone call with the cranky client. The lunch meeting that goes until four. The last-minute project that gets dumped on your desk before the weekend. All these situations and more represent just some of the stresses you’re likely to feel at work. Unfortunately, it’s usually not possible to work without at least some stress getting you down. However, it doesn’t have to knock you out. Here are 3 tips that will help you reduce stress, relax and work more efficiently. 1. Be Sure to Unplug While it’s tempting to just eat lunch at your desk

When Nothing is Going Right

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve probably had those times where everything sucks. The sun sucks, your family sucks, the job sucks, clients suck, there’s not enough money, so that sucks too. Everything sucks, and you’re down in the dumps. Yuck! Blech! It’s no fun when everything hits all at once, because you’re the person who everyone else is looking at to be the cheerleader, and the one in charge, making all the decisions. Did I mention that it sucks? What are some things you can do when everything looks like a miserable, abject, utter failure?  11