How to Dress Like a Smart and Successful Entrepreneur

How to dress like a smart and successful entrepreneur

~by Jenny Park~ . There are times when we try to look witty we tend to do unfortunate stuff that makes us look stupid instead. Some people tend to experiment with unusual words and even put on an excellent poker face when speaking, which, based on studies, can blow you up straight in the face. We have this feeling that we can be successful, that we can make our small ideas big. Those may bring you millions, and eventually, you will get famous because of your innovative ideas. Do you feel this? Do you expect it to happen because you

The Relationship Between Boredom and Successful Entrepreneurs

successful entrepreneurs

~by Annabelle Smyth~ . What is one thing that successful entrepreneurs have in common? While there are many possible responses to this question, this article will be focusing on one shared characteristic: Creativity. The best entrepreneurs are imaginative, resourceful, creative individuals. The question is, where does this creativity stem from? Recent studies have demonstrated that boredom can be a powerful precursor to creativity.  Learn more about these studies, the relationship between boredom and creativity, and how to apply it to your life in the paragraphs below. The Stimulating Power of Boredom Think back to your school days, and consider the