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Testimonials, Recommendations and Praise
for Haley Lynn Gray


Samantha Herring - Testimonials


“Haley is an amazingly dynamic force. She always has several irons in the fire and manages them all with great skill. When Haley commits herself to a task, you can be sure that it will be completed well.”
~ Samantha K. Herring


Business Coaching

“Haley is an amazing individual! As a coach, she is a role model first. Her business Leadership Girl – she lives up to the title! Haley leads from the front in everything she does. If she tells you to get visible, she demonstrates how by being visible herself. If she tells you to stop taking on too much, she evaluates herself and makes sure she is practicing her talk.

In the time I have worked with Haley, she has provided me with knowledge, encouragement, mentorship, and most of all, a stellar cheerleader in my corner when I feel like everything is in turmoil. She is on point with knowing where I am in my process and ready with useable, realistic and relevant tools for improving my business position. She understand my vision, she understands my frustration, and more importantly, she understands my drive and knows how to tap into the part of my psyche that pushes me outside my comfort zone to grow.

Haley is the type of coach anyone wants in their corner. She is experienced in business ownership. She thinks like an entrepreneur. She is building her third business, while running two 6-figure businesses, and raising four children. She holds nothing back in developing her clients and providing them with resources and tools to excel. If you work with Haley, the only reason not to get ahead is if YOU fail to put in the work.”
~ Nickel Jaramillo

“I had a session with Haley recently and she was very straight to the point and her energy was very calming. It felt like the most productive session that I’ve had with ANYONE in a very long time. She helped me put some things together that I’d been struggling with and really guided me through the whole process which is awesome. After our session it was a breath of fresh air and felt “unstuck”. Her strategy is on point and would DEFINITELY recommend working with her.”
~ Kristin Lloyd Moussa

“Hey everybody!  I just want to give a special shout out and huge recommendation to Haley Lynn Gray and her company at Haley has given me some superb help and her advice has really resonated. Please do yourselves what is certain to be a big favor and check out her website and book some time with her… it’s worth it, believe me! Fabulous website and, at the risk of repeating myself, just wonderful help. Please share this to anybody starting out in biz or who wants to move things up a notch.”


 “Haley Lynn Gray is the bomb! After we spoke for about 15 or 20 minutes I was off and running, on a roll telling her what I should do and why. I should mention before we spoke I was feeling unsure of which direction to go in. I became clear and was more focused. Thank you Haley. It was a pleasure talking to you!”
~ Anonymous

“Thank you, Haley, for the help today! like I stated your AMAZING!”
~ Anonymous

 “Haley rocks! And is so awesomely helpful with tips. Thank you Haley.”
~ Anonymous

“Haley was sweet enough to discuss my Business with me and it couldn’t have come at a better time. She is sweet and straight. I highly recommend her services.”
~ Anonymous

“Feel so encouraged and refocused on MY strategic goals and clearly see my next steps to get me there after my coaching session with Haley Lynn Gray this afternoon. So many check marks and “you got it” were received during the session I feel confident and sure enough to become assertive about my approach. Off and running to implement these strategies and produce the content I have trapped in my head.”
~ Dorothy Ann Wiggins

“I found Haley on the internet whilst searching for solutions on how to grow my business. I contacted her and it has been a wonderful relationship ever since. Haley gave me courage to go out and meet potential clients encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone (being the shy person I am) to call on potential clients. Haley has been nothing but supportive of my business. She is always willing to answer questions that I have, recommend professionals to assist in whatever capacity that is needed. I’ll email her at 10pm and she will respond. She keeps telling me it will take time and not to give up. I truly enjoy working with her.”
Gillian Akabi-Davis

“Haley Lynn Gray gives you the Comprehensive Tools to motivate yourself and your business she generously shares the do’s and don’t from the ground up, that helps you truly understand all aspect of what it takes to run your business successfully and more.. I highly recommend all new entrepreneurs and even anyone who has been in business these past 6 years to jump in on one of the many webinars she offers you’ll feel inspired, confident and motivated, to bring your business to the next level.”
~ Anonymous

Jennifer Albrecht - Testimonials.
“I just had my first coaching hour with Haley Lynn Gray. Guys, she’s really good! I came away clearer on my next steps, learned a few things about how I come across (yeah, there’s room for improvement!), and feel very optimistic.”

“I’m so thrilled to have worked with Haley Gray the last few months! Trying to ‘nail my message’, along with getting clear on my market and how it is I work best, has been a daunting process. After working with Haley, I got it! Not only do I feel very confident that the path I’m on is right for me, I am proceeding with clarity of purpose and how to move forward. I recommend working with Haley ASAP, y’all!”

“Plus, she was patient with my process, which makes all the difference! Sometime more patient than I was.”
Jennifer A.

“Clarity in Business. Earlier this morning I reached out to Haley Lynn Gray about helping me get my business focused. Within 45 minutes I was clear. She helped me through one of the hardest brain fogs I have ever had. She is offering complimentary clarity sessions for you, so get with her and set a time. Get clear and thrive.”

“You guys? Haley Lynn Gray. Is. Amazing. She just chatted with me for for like an hour & talked through some stuff & gave me some fabulous ideas. Looking for a coach? She’s one of the good ones.”
~ Alyssa Gavinski

“Hey coaches, Haley Lynn Gray is great. She gives great coaching, inspirational, easy to talk to and down to earth. She knows her stuff and some of the best coaching off of FB. I was stuck and she helped me move forward (Thanks so much Lady! <3).
~ Anonymous

“Hey, wanted to share with everyone please cos I’m really excited. Since I had my first call with Haley Lynn Gray I have really got my butt into gear!
Made 3 sales today! Anddddd it’s SUNDAY!!! Have filled 8 out of my 10 spots for BODY coaching and well on the way to 10K month through my passive income!
Thank you Haley”
~ Anonymous

 “Haley, thanks so much for a great call. Between you and Desiree, I’ve gotten a *TON* of direction! Thank you both ever so much!”
~ Anonymous

Haley Lynn Gray is awesome! a few minutes with her and she gets to the heart of the subject with so much clarity!”

“I want to thank her for being an amazing role model! She has been extremely helpful and always makes time to give sound advice to a fellow business owner. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule!”
~ Anonymous

“If you have ever thought about getting a coach to help you get on point, now is the time. Haley is amazing!!! Her support and follow through is bar none!!! I am the only person in my way right now and she encourages me every step of the way. She delivers on her offerings and I achieve results every time I follow through on the actions we identify. Do not miss the chance to work with Haley!!!”
~ Nickel Jaramillo

“Haley rocks! And is so awesomely helpful with tips. Thank you Haley.”
~ Anonymous

“Clarity in Business. Earlier this morning I reached out to Haley Lynn Gray about helping me get my business focuses. Within 45 minutes I was clear. She helped me through one of the hardest brain fogs I have ever had. She is offering a complimentary clarity session for you so get with her and set a time. Get clear and thrive.”
~ Anonymous

“From the minute my complimentary session with Haley Lynn Gray was over, I knew I needed to work with her. When I read Haley’s bio, I learned that she is a graduate of the prestigious Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, I felt intimidated. My apprehension quickly gave way to confidence. Haley is a down to earth lady, who transcends the words ‘business coach’. One minute we’re discussing strategies for my business, the next we are connecting on a personal level because we both value family and home cooked meals. If you are looking for a dynamic coach, I highly recommend having Haley Lynn Gray in your corner.”
~ Anonymous

Tabitha Dye - Testimonials.
“Haley with Leadership Girl has provided some very useful information. She suggested multiple ways to increase my business and offered contacts to help the process of transferring my book, The Burden of Trust into an audiobook. Haley was extremely professional and provides a positive light, I look forward to working with her in the future.”
Tabitha Dye

“I was concerned that I would not gain much new insight, but after working with Haley, I got a few new ideas on marketing options to look into.

Haley is very engaged in her conversation with you and you can hear the wheels spinning when she thinks through how to uniquely help your business. She is masterful when it comes to giving incite to marketing efforts and how to navigate the social media tangled web.

If you work with Haley, you will not be disappointed. She does provide one on one services at a reasonable rate but also provides a wealth of knowledge through her books, blogs and free online resources. Thanks Haley!”
~ Jennie K.

“Before working with Haley, my group was literally gathering dust and I just didn’t want to spend ages googling for advice or spend money on yet another online course.

Haley is just really hands on with practical and tested advice and knows how it works. Plus I really enjoy her personality, so it was a joy talking with her.

If you want someone who is kind, but also down to earth and business savvy, then you need Haley. She is a business machine!”
~ Christine H.

“Great call with Haley Lynn Gray, Founder and CEO at Leadership Girl! If you haven’t spoken with her about your strategy, message her now. She is focused and will bring you to the next level!”
~ Anonymous

“Haley’s book, site, and groups have really given me a lot to think about and work on with my own business. She provides insightful answers, thought-provoking questions, and encouragement.”
~ Anonymous

“Leadership Girl has been a great resource for me to get my professional and personal goals realized and in order!”
~ Anonymous

Social Media Management

“This program works!!! In 1 month Haley tool my group from 34 to over 100. She has taken my Twitter from 200+ to over 2300. I have a group that is engaging now on FB and sharing about themselves, it is starting to interact, and share value… not just my posts. I have contacts growing and opportunities building on LinkedIn. If you are serious about your business visibility and want to grow your business… connect with Haley!!!”
~ Nickel Jaramillo

“Thanks, Haley Lynn Gray. I’d like to take this time to thank you for your support. When I started this journey, I wasn’t sure where it would lead me, but God lead me to you, and you pointed me in the right direction. I am blessed to have you on my side… what a blessing. No matter what time of the day, when I have a question, you are there with an answer. Thank You!”
~ Anonymous

“Haley is not only an amazing business woman, she is an amazing woman overall. She literally took my Twitter account from 500 to 1,600 in less than 4 weeks. She is the Twitter master. I am still not sure how she did it. If you want to grow your following and make more money in the process, Haley is your go to person.”
~ Val Neighbors

Startup Kickstart Course

 “I found the course thus far very informative. There are so many things that individuals are either not aware of or concern with when starting a business and many of these factors can be very harmful to the well being of the business if not executed correctly. I look forward to the rest of the course and I am eager to see how it will help me remodel my own business and help my clients with their business successes.”

“What I have found interesting about this program is that, each module questionnaire holds you accountable for your goals and actions.  I have learned so far I am not alone in my journey; this program shares great resources to get a new or growing business of to a good start.”

Haley’s Books

Leadership Girl: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs to Achieve Extraordinary Results by Capturing Massive Sales

“I just finished reading this book by Haley Lynn Gray. So I decided to stop by and share my review of it here with you Ladies. I posted my review on Amazon as well, and it is currently being processed.

Brilliant book with a wealth of wonderful tips. Very easy to read, everything was straight to the point, honest and inspiring. Haley has a way of putting it out there in such a way that real people can relate to. I found myself saying “Exactly” and “So True” several times throughout reading this book. Truly one of the main great things about it, is because she underlines/highlights things within yourself that you may have already known, and brings it to the forefront of your mind to keep it in better focus… To have that echo of understanding from an intelligent successful individual is awesome motivation in basically whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish.

So if there is any doubt that you may have about handling your business or apprehensive feelings towards the journey you will embark upon, this is a definite must read. Whatever the case, and where ever you are at in your business endeavors, whether just starting out or well beyond that, you seriously have got to check this out. It will help you achieve clarity, build up your confidence and revitalize your mind. Assurance, Positivity, Inspiration, Motivation, Focus and Assertiveness are all things that I strengthened within myself from reading this book. In comparison to a few other books that I have read on this topic, I must say that this one specifically connected with me on a more personal level, and made it all clear, fresh and realistic. I will even read it again, and continually refer back to it often.

Peace Love & Many Blessings…
You are appreciated – Thank you Haley.”
~ Anonymous

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