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Working Mom Interviews

Working Mom Interviews.

Here you will find working-mom interviews with my friends. They come from every background and from all across the country.  I wanted to begin to understand what they have in common, and what makes them tick. I also want to share their great stories with other women.  I’ve seen so little information on what “normal” women are like, and what their goals and dreams are.  I’m not talking about celebrities, but rather about everyday heros—women who have jobs, kids, busy lives, and are super women in my book.

They are women who are professors, accountants, lawyers, and moms.  I think they’re awesome. The breadth of their experience is awesome!

Please show them a little love and welcome them to the blog!

If you’d like to be featured as a Working Mom in our Working Mom Interview Series, please complete the contact form on this page:

So, without any more ado, here are their stories.

Working Mom Interviews!

Alicia Krauss

Alicia Krauss







Angie Kidd

Angie Kidd






Amy Hageman

 Amy Hagemann






Miriam Savage


 Miriam Savage






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