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Keeping Your Employees Safe: 4 Tips for Making that Possible

~by Kara Masterson~ .An employer has a lot of responsibilities. This includes responsibilities to investors to produce a strong return. It includes responsibilities to customers to deliver quality product. However,[…]

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How To Make Your Business More Energy-Efficient

~by Kara Masterson~ As people around the world become more conscious about resources and environmental impact, businesses have become more conscious about their energy-efficiency. Whether the motivation stems from environmental[…]

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Make Sure Your Business Has Top Notch Equipment

~by Kara Masterson~ .Regardless of the industry you work in, your business makes use of a wide range of equipment regularly in its operations. Equipment can be used to produce[…]

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Social Media Help

Since I built my Facebook Group, the Women’s Entrepreneur Network to 60,000 members, I get a lot of questions about social media management.  Here are some articles I’ve written to help you grow your presence online.

Here’s a Great Article on Getting People into Your Facebook Group

Getting People into your Facebook Group isn’t hard.  You just have to leverage some simple tricks to get them there.

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100 Conversation Starters on Social Media

OK, so you want to improve engagement, but get bored.  Try some of these ideas to get people interacting with you online.

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100 Ideas for Social Media Posts

This list of 100 ideas will kick start your online posting.  If you’re stuck, this should be your go-to list!

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Want to get Clients using Facebook?  

Getting Clietns using Facebook Doesn’t have to be hard.  Learn how following these simple, easy to follow methods.

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