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How Marketing Leaders Can Utilize Data to Improve Content

“Content is king” is a saying that never seems to grow old. Even though digital marketing has evolved considerably since it first came into being, its emphasis on quality content[…]

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How Companies Can Focus on Employee Wellness

Healthy and happy employees are more productive and creative. Even better, your focus on their well-being can build loyalty and help you plan for the long-term based on a workforce[…]

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Unique Ideas to Promote Health While Working in an Office

Every day, millions of people head to their offices to sit for eight hours straight. Yes, they’re productive, but is that productivity at the expense of their health? According to[…]

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Lessons From The Most Disruptive Apps

What can we learn from companies that disrupt technologies, industries and labor markets? Turns out we can learn a lot from these companies. For example, we can learn why growth[…]

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4 Tips for Business Networking Internationally

With almost everyone having access to the internet, businesses are no longer limited to their physical locations. Now, you can do business with anyone in the world in pretty much[…]

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This is How You Win Your Battles

The night that I told my husband that we were going to have a third child, is the last night that I slept in the same bed as him. That[…]

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Social Media Help

Since I built my Facebook Group, the Women’s Entrepreneur Network to 60,000 members, I get a lot of questions about social media management.  Here are some articles I’ve written to help you grow your presence online.

Here’s a Great Article on Getting People into Your Facebook Group

Getting People into your Facebook Group isn’t hard.  You just have to leverage some simple tricks to get them there.

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100 Conversation Starters on Social Media

OK, so you want to improve engagement, but get bored.  Try some of these ideas to get people interacting with you online.

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100 Ideas for Social Media Posts

This list of 100 ideas will kick start your online posting.  If you’re stuck, this should be your go-to list!

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Want to get Clients using Facebook?  

Getting Clietns using Facebook Doesn’t have to be hard.  Learn how following these simple, easy to follow methods.

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