My best tip for life, and living is to know yourself.  You may think from some of my posts, that I have the world’s most perfect home.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, what I have is a pile of toys stacked up about waist high behind me as I type this, because I did some Christmas shopping, and dropped it into a pile as I came in the other day, so I could deal with it.  Last night, I went through my bathroom cabinets, and found stuff from 2003.  I love to cook, but only a few times a year.  A good portion of the rest of the year, I forget that the kitchen even exists.  It doesn’t mean that I’m a bad person, it just means that I’m not particularly focused on how my house looks at all times.

I recognize that I’m not necessarily the world’s most organized person.  I know where my limits are, and where they aren’t.  In short, I know myself.  I think that it is important to to know yourself, and know yourself very, very well.

Think about what you do well.  What things do you enjoy doing?  What things do you really NOT enjoy doing?  Clearly, I don’t enjoy cleaning too much, and apparently I have a thing for starlight mints.   Okay, the starlight mints are for making Christmas Wreaths to give as gifts.  But I know that I like crafting some things, and I don’t like doing other things.  I recognize where my strengths, weaknesses, and talents lie.

If there is one thing I get through to you it is that you should know yourself.  Understand your motivations, and what things excite you, and make you happy.  Find a way to focus on the positives, and eliminate the negatives, as it were.  Use that focus to improve how you perform, so that you can be happier, more fulfilled, and do better in your career.  Clearly my strong suit is not in keeping the house clean.