10 tips to get more “attention” on Facebook


Have you noticed your post getting fewer likes and comments than before lately? Stressing out about finding a way to connect with your audience? Are you tired of seeing your post get no likes?

Small changes in how you publish a post can increase the number of likes, comments, and shares. This article will discover ten tips to gain more interaction on Facebook. Stay tuned.

1) Have you tried reaction polls before?

It’s easier choosing a reaction than typing out a comment. A reaction survey is the most convenient way for Facebook users to share their thoughts on your post quickly. And the more they comment on your post—the more engagement and insights your page gains.

Take that advantage, using react posts that correspond with your options. 

For example, “If you love team A, react heart. Thumbs up If you prefer team B. Click laugh if you are a fan of both.”

10 tips to get more "attention" on Facebook 1

The trick to make your post more standout:

Everyone loves a good look. Make sure your post is visually compelling by choosing an attractive background. Next thing, don’t neglect the power of the word. Choose your words that match the reaction carefully. 

The reaction post is quick and convenient for both the owner and user.

2) To generate interaction, interact! 

Answer using their name and reply to every single comment. This way, you not only boost your post but also create a friendly impression on your fans. It’s easy-to-do and easy-to-see results. That’s why “interact” is the most common use technique. 

Generate deep conversations and learn more about your fans with this!

3) Ask your audience

Yes. You didn’t mishear. People like questions, too. Why? They feel valued when you want to know their opinion. And they are extra relished if it satisfies these desires. So next time, don’t hesitate to ask fans’ views on a topic. It’s a win-win game. You know what your fans like, and they are happy to participate in your project. 

It’s also a piece of cake. You’ll use similar techniques as you do when asking questions. The difference is that you’ll need to leave things more open-ended. Use questions such as:

  • What would you do if…?
  • How would you feel about it?
  • How do you see this impacting you?
  • What subject do you want to debate in the future?

Go! Ask your fans a question.

4) High-quality content above everything

Have you ever read a two-page Facebook post and felt betrayed at the end? “Such a total waste of time,” you thought. Of course, who wants to waste their time reading nonsense things. You make your fans laugh, think, trigger, or you are losing the game.

Build a long-term post by frequently updating the content. Of course, a catchy-trend post is also worth the hype. The point here is no matter how. Always be a good source for people to follow the incident. Imagine an all-in-one post (all information needed in a publication) could be a lifesaver for someone.

So, either timely or a trendy post. Valuable content is everything.

5) Facebook analysis – the best supporter

Facebook Insights can tell which types of posts achieve greater engagement and interaction by a simple method: Smart analysis. It can even track their information: gender, age, location, and times they are active the most.

Make the most of Facebook to comprehend what type of audience you attract the most. Then adjust your content and plan a posting routine to keep up the flow. Trust me. There’s no free platform out there that supports you better than Facebook.

10 tips to get more "attention" on Facebook 2

6) Use videos and images that arouse emotion

Visual content evokes a reaction. There’s a reason you see a funny or sad video or image everywhere. Since it is attention-grabbing, and people feel compelled to respond, react, and share

To achieve the best results, be original, relevant, and creative. Don’t overuse the same viral image or video. The other key is to comprehend your audience. Some stuff is hilarious with this group but meaningless with others.

10 tips to get more "attention" on Facebook 3

An inspired post attaches their staff image from Lush – A famous organic beauty brand.

There isn’t a one size fit image for all content. Some succeed with the scene or stuff, others use people’s pics to inspire, and the rest work best with the celebrity. Again Facebook Insights can help you a lot on this.

Trick: All brands need visual content strategies that consider their unique brand identity, objectives, and audience. 

7) Create opportunities for the user to create their content

Provide opportunities for your followers to produce pictures, videos, memes, stories, testimonials, or artwork and share them on your social media platforms. Everyone loves an active forum. And user-generated content (URC) can create a lot of discussions. Let them share their story, confess their pain, and express their thoughts on our product.

There are ways to make this even more engaging, get more people to participate, and encourage sharing. Here are some ideas:

  • Hold a giveaway. 
  • Use a specific theme, such as an approaching holiday.
  • Create a contest. It can be the best meme creator contest, the content creator, etc.

8) Go live!

Starting a Livestream earns more benefits than you thought. Since the owner can “chitchat” with their audience in real-time, they can gain considerable interaction in a short time. Take these tips:

  • Have a theme or specific topic.
  • Before “going on air,” don’t forget to announce it on your page.
  • Plan ahead. It would help ensure smooth flow if you had outlined basic ideas first. 

There are a hundred live video types: instructional, interview, Q&A, live sales*, or giveaways. Make sure your video content is attractive to your audience. That’s what will keep them engaged.


  • Avoid script every word if you don’t want to sound like an unnatural robot.
  • *Live sale is the most common way, nowadays sellers apply. If you are still confused about where to pick affordable, high-quality supply, refer to this Best 20 China wholesale websites list. Start yourself a brand!

9) Plan Using Different Calls to Action

There are different kinds of CTAs to achieve other conversion goals. Make sure your CTA matches the intent you’ve set for your reader.

  • To encourage engagement.

For example: “Don’t forget to like and follow us.”

  • To drive the reader to other content.

For example: “To read more, sign up for our full cheat sheet.”

  • For sales

For example: “To get full access to this course, click here.”

  • ….

10) Game or quiz

Playing games is fun. You can consider many types of quizzes: character, academic, informational, and product recommender.

A guessing game is also a good choice. Reward the person who gets the quickest correct answer with a significant gift. For some idea, you can make them guess, “Whose idea of this post? Who KOLs will you invite next?…”

Quizzes and games can entertain your fans. An effective one can even attract new audiences and engage with loyal fans.


Facebook is forever an ideal place to build engagement. The ten tips above show how to create firmer engagement and higher interaction. It is easy to apply and costs you $0. But over them all, quality content is a must. Remember to cherish your fans with valuable content as always. 

Take those tips into action and prepare to see your Facebook on the next level!

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