10 Ways a Business Mentor Can Help

"10 Ways a Mentor Can Help" Two People on a Sunset Beach Graphic

~by Haley Gray~

Everyone Needs a Mentor. Women are not very good at finding mentors for business, especially other women who are mentors. Mostly, they don’t think they have time, or that other mentors aren’t like them, so they won’t understand their concerns and problems.

If you’re a woman who is an entrepreneur, you’re in a very small minority. And finding someone who can understand where you’re coming from may seem really daunting, and maybe it just isn’t worth it, since it’s likely to be a lot of work. I mean, why bother if it’s not easy? 

It is especially easy to fall into this trap if you’re doing well, and everyone around you is telling you how well you are doing. I will step out here and say that everyone needs a mentor or coach. I’m actually working with a couple of different coaches and mentors on different businesses and aspects of my business. 

10 Things a Coach Can Do For You:

  1. They can see things you can’t see. They’re on the outside looking in, and can point out the obvious that can sometimes be easy to miss when you’re standing there in the middle of it all. 
  2. They will tell you no. Most employees are motivated to please. A good coach or mentor will tell you when you’re messing up.
  3. Resources.  If you need introductions or resources, a coach can help you find resources to grow your business more quickly.
  4. They can help you avoid mistakes. If you choose a coach with business experience, they can help you side-step costly mistakes.
  5. Help you save money. Spending money to save money may sound idiotic or oxymoronic. My business coaches have had ideas that have saved me far more than the cost of their coaching.
  6. Grow your business faster. Wouldn’t you like to become profitable faster, and grow your business faster? 
  7. Hold you accountable. To me, it’s good to know I’ve got someone watching and holding me accountable for my actions. 
  8. Help you get your business house in order. From making sure that all the business basics are covered, to accounting, proper payroll setup, and more, they can help you make sure you’re not missing something critical. 
  9. Be a great set of ears when you just need someone to listen, and not judge. Let’s face it, most of us don’t have too many friends who have owned a business. And you may not want them to know about mistakes you’ve made or problems you’re having. A good coach will listen to your problems, and they won’t judge. Chances are, they’ve been there themselves.
  10. Help you prioritize tasks. Sometimes there’s just so much to do that you don’t know where to start. A good coach can understand your goals, and can help you figure out what you need to do first, and what you can just not do at all. 

A coach can’t fix every problem you’re ever going to have, but they can sure save you a lot of scrapes and bumps along the road. I think every business person should have a coach, and that goes doubly so for every entrepreneur.

10 Ways a Business Mentor Can Help 1

Haley Lynn Gray

Meet the Author:  Haley Gray

As founder and owner of Leadership Girl, Haley Gray offers Business Coaching, support and resources to entrepreneurs. Whether you want to get a new business off the ground, or expand an existing business, Haley can assist you.


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