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~by Haley Lynn Gray~

There are lots and lots of ways to spend your money in business. If you have been around for a little while, chances are you are getting calls almost daily from people who want to sell you the next thing that’s guaranteed to get you clients for your business. All you have to do is spend a small fortune, and those clients and leads will be rolling in the door.  

I’m here to stop the madness. You don’t have to spend a fortune to market your business. You just have to use some of the methods below to get that business rolling in.  

1. Attend a few networking meetings. The key to networking meetings is that you have to attend a few of them. You’ll have to discern which ones are good and will lead to business, and which ones are duds. Look at the energy in the room. Collect the business cards of the people attending, and then contact them to schedule a 1:1 meeting. The business will come out of the relationships you form and maintain from your connections built this way.

2. Join Networking Facebook Groups. Find a handful of good business groups on Facebook and join them. Follow the group rules for promotion, but take this as an opportunity to build relationships with people. The more you connect, the better you’ll do. The success of your business often depends on building relationships with people.


3. Start your own Facebook Group. Depending on the nature of your business, you may want to start your own group for fun and profit. If you do start a group, be prepared to post regularly to it, and to monitor and baby it.

4. Connect on LinkedIn. Because LinkedIn is geared towards professionals, it is a good place to connect with people for business purposes. You can connect via LinkedIn groups as well. As long as you are regularly active, you will find clients for your business.

5. Work Twitter. I’ve heard that Twitter is dead and that it’s not worth the investment. Honestly, with a good scheduler and Social Quant, you can grow your followers and get people to opt into your email list or buy your products. Twitter growth has been the backbone of growing my business in the last few months; it is just amazing.

6. Share content on Pinterest. If your business involves selling crafts or products, or you have a service that lends itself to photos or images that would generate interest, then Pinterest may be for you. The more content you have, and the better your pins are, the more people will connect with you.  

7. Create a Facebook Business Page. If you create a Facebook Business page, you can advertise your business from Facebook. With a creative content strategy, you can send people to your blog or website and ultimately turn them into raving customers.

8. Hand out rack cards and business cards. You’ll be amazed at how often you meet people who can use your services if you just open their mind to the possibilities.

9. Place rack cards or business cards on bulletin boards. A number of coffee shops, restaurants, gyms, and other establishments have a bulletin board where you can post your business cards. I’ve seen several auto mechanics that have done that; it’s a great community resource.

10. Put vinyl lettering or a magnet on your car. If you choose to do this, you may need to get business insurance on your car if you haven’t already done so, but it does generate calls.

11. Write a thank you note to your existing clients and ask them for referrals.  Word of mouth is always the most potent form of marketing.

There are dozens of ways you can market your business and get in front of clients. You get to choose which form of marketing you are comfortable with and what works best for your business. The only real limit is your creativity and willingness to make the effort.

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