15 Direct Mail Marketing Ideas for Beginners

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Despite the popular marketing online and on social media, direct mail marketing still remains one of the most powerful strategies you can use to grow your business. 

If you’re willing to learn the most innovative corporate gifts for clients or the best products to give as freebies or as an employee anniversary gift, you’ll discover them here. 

We have everything in store from great premium items to amazing freebies from the best swag bag companies to elegant products that can please both men and women. Without further ado, let’s explore the best direct mail marketing ideas. 

Creative Postcards 

Postcards can be much more powerful in direct mail marketing that you anyone might think. For instance, you can send some cards to your targeted audience offering a discount to new clients or a free trial to your new service. Use high quality images and harmonious colors to stand out.

Little Belgians Speculoos S’mores

15 Direct Mail Marketing Ideas for Beginners 1

In the sweet treats area, we have the delicious Speculoos biscuits from Little Belgians. Help your future clients have a chat during their break and make new connections with this exquisite b2b direct mail idea. You could combine them with a good chocolate bar and you’re ready for the best direct mail campaigns of 2020. 

Printed eBook 

Printed eBooks are great b2b direct mail ideas. In fact, they can be added to marketing campaigns and be sent to many clients at once. It is a great way to advertise your business by showing expertise and results in a professional eBook with explanations. 

In addition, we’d recommend choosing a high-quality paper. You wouldn’t want your audience to think that you’re cutting corners, would you? 

Triangle Notebook

15 Direct Mail Marketing Ideas for Beginners 2

Moving onto the stationery area, we discover this compact, useful, unique, and beautiful triangle notebook. Everyone needs a notebook to take notes and write down reminders, and you can’t disappoint including it in your direct mail marketing campaigns. Stick your logo on it, together with your company name and services, and it’s ready to be mailed. 

A Gift Basket 

Gift baskets are some of the b2b direct mail ideas that can always suit any client and that is only one reason we recommend them. They are highly customizable with food, drinks, electronic gadgets, small calendars, and much more. 

You will be able to advertise your company and your products while pleasing your audience, and that’s exactly what you want to give the perfect first impression. 

Senz Manual Umbrella

15 Direct Mail Marketing Ideas for Beginners 3

This umbrella from Senz is a great direct mail marketing idea for everyone, especially those living in a rainy state or country. It is small, you can customize it with your company name or slogan, and it’s certainly creative with its unique design. 

Kiko Leather Cord Organizer

15 Direct Mail Marketing Ideas for Beginners 4

This cord organizer in leather is an inexpensive item that looks premium and that will please everyone in your audience. Your clients will say goodbye to cable clutter and be able to keep them all organized with this stylish organizer.  

A Custom Calendar 

Every client needs a calendar to write down important meetings or highlight special dates, and that’s exactly the reason why it is an excellent b2b direct mail idea. Customize it with your brand, your logo,and the services you offer and mail it to your targeted audience. Needless to say, they will certainly make good use of it while remembering your brand.

Carhartt ® Fleece Hat

15 Direct Mail Marketing Ideas for Beginners 5

A fleece hat might not sound like the ideal corporate gift or freebie, but it’s actually much more useful than it looks. It can protect them from cold temperatures, rainy weather, and more. You can customize your direct mail model with your logo or company name and let the offline marketing around town do its magic. 

Leuchtturm 1917 A5 Medium Hardcover Notebook

15 Direct Mail Marketing Ideas for Beginners 6

Going back to the notebook area, we introduce the excellent Leuchtturm model, made with premium material. It is available in so many colors without sacrificing its premium look. Personalize it by adding your services, logo, and slogan, and it will help with your successful direct mail campaigns.  

Branded Champagne 

This is one of the best b2b direct mail ideas for companies and clients you already dealt with. Drinking champagne is the best way to celebrate a partnership or to strengthen a working relationship after closing a deal. 

Fellow Joey Mug 8oz

15 Direct Mail Marketing Ideas for Beginners 7

This mug is certainly one of the most good looking ones you can add to your successful direct mail campaigns. In addition, it was designed to avoid exterior condensation while offering good heat retention for coffee or tea. Customize it, mail it, and grow your business.

Tanner Goods Journeyman

15 Direct Mail Marketing Ideas for Beginners 8

This wallet made of natural leather is a fantastic item for businessmen who need to find their belongings quickly anywhere they go. Participate in corporate events and offer it as a freebie for new clients after a deal or a trial sign up and see the magic of corporate mailing ideas.

A Personalized Gift Card 

Gift cards are an excellent way to attract new clients and to please existing ones. Firstly, everyone likes gift cards and many companies offer them. For instance, you could get a Headspace gift card for employees to be less stressed or a Netflix gift card for them to enjoy their time at home. 

Sending a gift card with your successful direct mail campaigns is a brilliant idea that your audience will like. 

Faribault Woolen Mill Co. Utility Wool Throw 

15 Direct Mail Marketing Ideas for Beginners 9

This throw blanket is exactly what an entrepreneur working from home could ever want. They can keep warm anytime or even decorate their house with it. It’s one of these b2b direct mail ideas that they will never forget. Send it as a thank you corporate gift for signing their contract or simply to complete their sign up trial. 


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