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You make an amazing product that everyone needs to have!!! Your Facebook page is set up and you are getting crickets!! Does this sound familiar? Keep reading for 11 post prompts that can help change that!!!!  

You have heard all of the experts and coaches say that you must post multiple times a day. You have heard them say that you have to run ads. What if I told you that it doesn’t have to be that way? Yes, you have to post consistently so that your raving fans and potential customers can see you and your amazing products! Once a day is perfect! 

The second step is to interact with your fans that comment on your posts!! People buy from real people so interact with them and build a relationship with them! That will get you leaps and bounds along that path of people knowing, liking, and trusting you and your business! 

Post #1

This Or That

Post a graphic with pictures of 2 similar products and ask people to choose which is their favorite!

Post #2 

Pick your favorite!

Post a graphic with 3 or 4 similar products and ask people to pick their favorite!!! This makes people really start to think about where these will fit in their life!!

Post #3


Post a short video of a finished product!! It doesn’t need to be long it just needs to show the product!!!

Post #4

An introduction, who are you, what is your business, why do you do what you do!!

Let people get to know you! People buy from people they know, like. and trust so let them get to know you!!

Post #5

In progress photos

Show pictures of works in progress. This is a really easy one to do because as a product-based business I am betting you always have something in the works! Let people have a behind-the-scenes look!! 

Post #6 

Post about events you are going to attend, stores that carry your products, where people can find you!

Post #7

Have you been featured by someone else?

Make sure you share that info. It helps to build your know, like, and trust factor.

Post #8

Customer reviews/testimonials 

Again these make new customers feel more secure in purchasing from you because you have happy customers!!

Post #9

Tell people how to buy from you!!! Walk your customers through the steps to place orders!!!! 

Post #10

Post a pic of packages going to their new homes! Whether you are going to drop off in person or going to the post office snap a quick picture. Although do make sure that you block out any and all identifying info!!!! 

Post #11

Offer Value!! 

Explain your products to your fans!!! Get them to picture them in their lives! 

Once people start picturing your products in their lives and they start needing them!

Facebook Business Page

These 5 posts aren’t related directly to your business but you can use these sparingly for the simple purpose of getting people to engage with you which drives that content on your page to be seen by more people

Post #1

What is your favorite flavor of IceCream?

Post #2

Coffee Hot or cold?

Post #3

Show me your pet!! (This works best if you are a pet owner and post yours up as well)

Post #4 

Take a picture of what is in front of you. I want to see the world through your eyes. (Again this only works if you snap a picture of what’s in front of you and include it in the post)

Post #5

What’s for dinner? 

This one always gets great responses!!