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If you’ve built up a great business with healthy sales and a loyal customer base, it’s not enough to sit by and hope for continued success. To thrive and stay relevant, you must continue to innovate. 

It can be tricky to stay ahead of the curve and know what you should invest in. After all, the newest technology might seem promising at first, but new technology can break your small business’s bank account and it’s tough to tell whether it will be around for long. 

Still, you should look for emerging trends and make smart, calculated investment decisions. Not only will your customers be happy when you invest in the future of your small business, investors and creditors will be happy as well. They may even want to invest more in your business. 

There are a number of emerging technological trends that small businesses can take advantage of. For example, some small business owners are providing their employees with wearable technology to track heart rates and steps. Incentivizing employees’ active lifestyles could ultimately increase their productivity at work. 

Or, you may wish to take advantage of emerging cultural trends. It’s estimated that 70% of the global labor force works from home at least once a week. Your small business should look to hop on this trend if its not doing so already. 

Fundera compiled 15 technological, eco-friendly, and cultural trends to propel your small business into the future and stay ahead of your competition.

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