3 Business Softwares Way More Powerful Than You Think

Business Software

Even though this is currently the era of everything digital, business is still completed in what is described as the traditional way with pen and paper. There is no reason why a company or entrepreneur cannot strike a combination of tradition and current. There are a number of professional software options on the market that have existed for decades now. Many bugs have been worked out, and the features continue to grow. Here are three business softwares that are way more powerful than you think.


Most business professionals know that Microsoft Office exists. They have also used the software in some business capacity. If you only use Office to make some sense of some numbers, to write a memo, or to turn a table of data into a graph, you might not realize how many more benefits and features are at your fingertips. If you have ever had trouble formatting a memo, the Hidden Character feature feels like a life-saving trick. The equation toolbar can now execute advanced mathematical problems, and you can inspect the document before you share it. In this age of questionable privacy rights, the latter feature removes personal identifying information.


In 1984, the first version of Quickbooks was launched, which was called Quicken. Then, the company released the product most known today and an online version. You can do more with vendor info than make online charts of your accounts no matter how software literate you are. Professionals have figured out how to turn Quickbooks into a lead-capturing machine. By programming existing features like the Customer Type and Income Report, you can optimize how you market your services or products to them and how to potentially open up new market opportunities for your company.

InfusionSoft Complete

There is very little that software can’t accomplish today. One of the best things it does is automate low-level and repetitive tasks. Software known as customer relationship management has become a vital tool for marketing professionals of all capacities. InfusionSoft Complete is one of the most popular CRMs thanks to its powerful benefits and features. It centralizes customer information and automates marketing tasks while combing through data to deliver leads. You win because your efforts become optimized. Your clients win because their experiences are seamless and efficient.

Whether you are getting a business off the ground or you have grown it as much as possible, these softwares offer countless benefits and are even more powerful than you may have realized.

Looking for more business tools and resources? Check out our list of tools and services to help your business run efficiently and smoothly.


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