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If you’re considering starting your own business but you’re already in a degree program or you’re considering getting a degree in something that can help you start and run a successful business, here are three degrees you should consider. 


Businesses succeed by knowing and understanding the financial bottom line, what they need to do to increase sales, and where they are losing sales and increasing profits. A degree in accounting will help you start a successful business and understand all of these things. Getting an accounting degree will help you to understand where your business is thriving financially and where you need to make adjustments. It will also help you to understand what potential financial risks are and whether or not something is a good investment for your business. Additionally, an accounting degree will help you to know how to budget and understand the tax laws. These things are essential to know because they will help you have financial discipline and decrease the chance of your business failing.

Business Analytics

Having a degree in business analytics is one of the best degrees that you can have for starting a successful business. A degree in business analytics will help you understand how to analyze data to make crucial business decisions. There are different types of classes within the degree that can help you with many aspects of starting and managing your own business. These classes may also open up connections for you through professors and other classmates who can teach you more about starting a business and ensuring its continued success.


While many consider a psychology degree to be solely for private practice, the truth is that psychology knowledge can be very helpful in starting a business. Because psychology helps you understand the behaviors of people, it’s a useful degree when you start your business because you will understand how people respond to certain words, actions, colors, and more. This can be particularly helpful when designing user experience aspects of your business. You can utilize what you’ve learned in your psychology classes and apply that knowledge to things like content writing and your company’s communications with the public.

As you’re preparing to start your business and get your degree, consider these three options as you prepare for your life ahead. To further understand how these degrees can help your business once it’s started, find someone who already has a degree in one of these fields and ask them how they were able to use their degree when it came to starting their own business.

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