3 Leadership Lessons I’ve Learned Working From Home With Kids

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Working from home, you tend to interact with your family more often. You can watch as your kids grow each day. Watching over your children and still remaining productive is a big challenge of working from home. What are the tricks to work from home and continue to lead by example both at home and in the workplace? In this article, I will share how to balance leadership and offer parental love to the kids at home.

1) Be purposeful on the time you set aside for work

All of your time should have a purpose. Having a working schedule that you can follow as best as you can will assist you to in being productive.  You can, however, alter the program to suit a condition.  In my case, I have small kids in the house, and they may not understand my duty work or the impact on me if I missed your job target. They may not understand when I am in a conference call and want my attention.

Depending on schedule and the possibility of interruptions, you can change your meetings to happen when the kids are busy or asleep.  Try drafting an effective plan and discuss it with your spouse so that one can make the environment favorable for the other.

2) Be okay with taking breaks and working less traditional work hours (if approved)

Taking a break can be essential when working from home. In our article, 8 Great Tips for Working Remotely, Sarah Archer shares, “Take a full lunch hour, and get up from your desk to stretch every couple of hours at least. You’ll feel better and be able to focus more.” To achieve greater heights on your job, you may need to have short rests within your schedule and also be ready to be in office in odd hours. As long your boss is okay with the deadlines, strive to beat the daily target.

For instance, you will find a very conducive environment to be very early in the morning when the kids are asleep. Here you can be 100% attentive, also sometime in the evening after the kids go to sleep. During the day, you can do the simple tasks that you can carry them alongside giving care to your kids. Prior communication to your boss will work well here. Make sure explain to them that due to interruptions during the day, you will take breaks and work when time allows.

3) Spend Meaningful Time with Your Kids

Your kids may not understand that you’re working from home, but whenever they see you in their vicinity, they would like to play with you and so on.  Taking meaningful time to spend with them will give you time to go back and concentrate on your job. Prioritize breaks with them. By doing this, you will remain productive because when you go back to your workstation, they will be less likely to distract you. Emma Seppälä, Ph.D., in her article argued that “Social connectedness, therefore, generates a positive feedback loop of social, emotional, and physical well-being.” Taking little time to bond with your young children during the day, both of you will develop an optimistic reaction loop of societal, emotive, and physical well-being.


In conclusion, working from home with the presence of kids may cause you to worry about your productivity primarily when you’re used to working in those workplace offices, but I hope the above tips will be of great importance to you.  When you plan accordingly, include interruption plans within your schedule, plan for breaks, and ensure you give attention to your children, you end up being working productively at home and building a special connection with your children.

3 Leadership Lessons I've Learned Working From Home With Kids 1

Ben Tejes writes for the Jan Market Bankruptcy blog and helps with Inbound Sales with the goal to help lead people to achieve debt and financial freedom. He covered topics such as Minnesota Bankruptcy, Filing Bankruptcy in Minnesota, and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Georgia. When not working, Ben enjoys going on adventures with his wife and three young daughters.

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