3 Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities in 2021

Work from home

We see it all the time.  Moms impacted by Covid, and their kids are at home. People working in hospitality who have been let go.  Lots of people whose lives have been adversely impacted by Covid, and the bills don’t stop. We get it. 

That’s why we put together this guide and resources for ways that you can work from home legitimately in 2021. 

In most cases, you will need a strong internet connection, and a computer, and a phone.  You may also need a good set of headphones.  If you are seeking call center work, you will need to arrange for childcare, so we have not listed those opportunities here, although there are plenty of options. 

  1. Zeus Merch – Many small to medium-sized businesses, schools, and other organizations need promotional materials. Zeus Merch is a new platform dedicated to helping you connect them with the promo items they need- all top quality, high popularity, and unlike many platforms, it’s super easy. You make a hefty percentage off of each sale, and it’s easy to configure and use. Yes. There are some sales required to be successful in this business. Who is it for? It works well for graphic designers and digital marketing agencies that want to add promotional products to their line-ups as well. Printing companies may also decide to add carefully curated products to their line-ups. Earning potential is unlimited, and many clients can become repeat customers. Who is it not for? This opportunity is not for you if you have no desire or intention to do any form of sales whatsoever.
  2. Fiverr and Upwork.com – If you are a Virtual Assistant with great skills, you might find a good opportunity for getting hired. If you do graphic design, article writing, SEO, or a thousand other things, you can get hired – and paid- for your skills. Yes, you will be competing against people from around the globe, but as you build up your reputation, you will get more clients, and be able to charge a higher price. Who is it for? These options work well if you have strong technical skills, or you are a native English-speaking writer. Who is it not for? This opportunity is not going to be for you if you are not willing to take a lower wage, at least temporarily, and if you are not willing to spend some time marketing yourself.
  3. Writers Work – If you like to write, you can make between $20 and $65/hour for writing content, SEO content, and copywriting. This is a great way to make more money working from home, if you write well. There are a ton of different companies who need content written for them. As many websites will not use information that is also used elsewhere, it is super important that all content be unique, and well-written. Who is this for? This is great if you write well, and enjoy the process, and doing the research on a variety of different topics. Who is this not for? This opportunity is not for you if you do not write well, and are not extremely proficient at writing.

Many companies are now hiring people who are allowed to work from home, depending on your skillset. It is super important to note that you are competing in a global marketplace, and you may be competing against potential employees and contractors in other countries, who may be willing to work for a lower wage than is common in the United States or Canada. 

You may find that there are many options that are listed out there. Beware of anything that resembles a pyramid scheme, or get rich quick schemes. Everything that is going to generate substantial income is going to require a certain level of education and skill, and effort. If you want fast, and 0 effort, then we suggest the lottery, as you have a chance of actually succeeding. 


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