Almost everyone starts the New Year with a resolution or two that they want to accomplish in the coming year – lose 10 pounds, start saving now for Christmas next year, exercise every day, or something similar. There are probably equally as many that say, “THIS is the year that I’m finally going to start my business!”, then like all other resolutions, it’s forgotten or tossed aside by the middle of January.

Not this year.

2015 is the year you do not give up on your dream of beginning that business. Crafter? Set up your Etsy account now. Yes, right now before you decide it isn’t a priority anymore. Thinking of starting your own blog? Find your niche or subjects, go to and set it up right at this very moment. You already know what you want to name your business. You’ve probably been dreaming of it for years.

Don’t believe that 2015 is the best year to start your business? Maybe these 3 reasons will help convince you.

1. You Can Become an Expert in Anything Thanks to Google. Feel like you aren’t confident in your business or entrepreneurial skills yet? Many of the blogs you read and social media pages you follow are all self-taught solopreneur businesses. Not every crafter you follow on Etsy or social media guru you retweet on Twitter actually was training in their area of work.

Quite the opposite, in fact. Many are what some might call “Google Search Tech” graduates or have a degree from “YouTube University”: they spent endless hours searching, reading, watching videos, taking notes and reading and searching some more. For only the cost of your IP and a few (or lots) of coffee, you can become infinitely more savvy in the business topic of your choice.

For a very small fee, you can also take real online classes to get professionally trained in nearly any area you can think of. There are online educational websites and for a monthly subscription fee, you can join and get unlimited classes and training. This is the best plan if you have multiple classes you’d like to take over a period of time.

On the other hand, if you only want to take one or two classes, your best bet is to sign up for a account and wait for when they have huge discounts (sometimes 90% off or more) and classes are sometimes as low as $10. Check out each website to see which has the best options for your needs.

2. The Economy Is Getting Better.  If the economy was the reason why you’d been deliberating in the past, deliberate no longer. Now is prime time to start a business. If you’re like me, then you’re not a stock market watcher. So, let me fill you in: The Dow Jones recently hit and exceeded 18,000 for the first time ever. Consumer confidence is getting higher as well. Combine these two, plus an economy that is coming out of a recession, and you’ve got yourself the best situation for starting a business.

3. It’s One Year Later Than Last Year’s Resolution. So, you’re one year wiser than you were last year. You’ve learned some things, you’ve learned from others, and you’ve grown. Last year went by and now it’s one year later. Take action now and this time next year, you can be working for yourself, and loving every moment of it!

You’re ready. 2015 is your year. Show it what you’ve got.