3 Tips for Recruiting and Hiring Medical Professionals


It’s no argument that the healthcare industry is urgently seeking employment, especially with the recent COVID pandemic. It’s also known that the medical industry is constantly growing. Because of this, recruiting medical professionals or even general staff has become a hassle. 

You may be running a hospital, or small-town clinic looking to increase your employee count. Or maybe you are looking for a more experienced professional to enhance the workplace. Whatever you are seeking, you probably came across a blockage not knowing where or how to find more talented workers. 

If that’s the case, this article here is written just for you, to help you achieve whatever your recruiting goal is. See, with the advancement of technology and social media, recruiting has gotten easier. You could pitch your request to any network, even place ads on social media, and make networking pages to meet and discuss with clients or future employees. 

There are a plethora of ways you can reach new recruits and seek more professional or talented ones. This article will help explain the ideas and concepts behind these new-age recruiting, and give you some tips to succeed! 

What Do You Offer Them?

It might not be the best way of thinking, but everyone does think about themselves first. What can you offer a possible employee that is better than the next employer? Candidates not only want to know what your workplace is like but also what you can offer them that is different from everyone else. This could be scheduling, work times, PTO, healthcare, or other perks.

While the most common offerings are the 401(k), healthcare coverage, paid leave, and no on-call workings, more than just that will interest a future employee. Think that most have either just gotten out of school (if they’re new to the field), or are now building a family after being in the field over a period of time. This means they’d be seeking more financial benefits and a reason to stay over a longer period of time. 

Everyone also wants to learn more, offering more than just a job is a shoo-in! What this means is that people want to expand their portfolio and continue to learn while being in the workforce. This can be done through on-the-job training, mentoring, and offering them career growth opportunities. You want employees to stay and grow more professional, the only way to do this is to invest in them both financially and educationally. 

Once you develop and offer your candidates a way to expand and grow, they’ll spread the word. This means you could possibly gain recruitment through the improvement of your employees. A happy employee will stay longer, work hard, and seek to bring in more hard-working employees to a great workplace. Thus, offering candidates great benefits and a great workplace is a key factor in recruiting new and professional employees. 

Social Media Is Your Friend

3 Tips for Recruiting and Hiring Medical Professionals 1


Most people may not think of social media as a good recruiting source. But, in fact, social media has become increasingly popular amongst all ages! Imagine young adults about to finish their college degrees to join the medical field. They probably all have a Facebook, Instagram, or at least browse YouTube. In this case, you could have many streams of recruitment just from their interest in social media.

Now, it will differ from person to person or age to age. A young adult may be more interested in the latest trend than an older seasoned adult. But, social media gives you the power to get to both, if not at least a decent percent of one group.

With the use of social media, you or your company could build your brand’s image. Or in this case, the company image. Showing off the day-to-day life of working at your facility. The likes and interests of your current employees or clients. Even getting testimonies from your employees about how they personally feel working at your facility. 

It may seem weird or foreign at first, but building the image of the facility is a huge step to building the foundation of the networking footprint. Now, people all over can see what your facility does and what it’s like to work there, bringing more interest into your company and potentially more employees. If people plan to work for a company long term as in the medical field, they want to know what it’s like to be there and feel like part of the community. 

When running the page or network, you don’t even have to constantly update your feed or posts. However, doing so at least once a week shows that you’re an active part of your community. Also responding to questions or comments from those that are interested or a part of the network shows that you are interested in your community and network. This builds trust between you and your employees (or future employees).

Culture, Culture, Culture

This kind of goes hand in hand with social media. Your culture and how you promote your workplace are everything. If you’re with a company that disregards or doesn’t care for its employees, that company will have a high turnover rate. This means fewer candidates would find your company attractive and then seek employment elsewhere. 

Of course, you could have amazing benefits to attract them, but if you can’t bring a healthy culture that includes them, they won’t want to work or stay. The culture of a workplace plays a big part in both the recruitment and retention of employees. This is what makes culture a key part of a company.

Building a healthy culture for your company is not hard. There are simple steps, like engaging with your community and employees, building trust amongst them, remembering the little things, and showing that your facility is fun and appealing. But there is also the respect factor that comes into play. Everyone wants to be respected and to gain respect you must first give it. 

Building a culture that respects all people, regardless of gender, race, or religion, builds a welcoming community of workers. In a workplace where everyone feels respected, they will work harder and be happier employees. Remember, that having happy employees means better retention, a lower turnover rate, and eventually a higher recruitment opportunity.

Once you’ve built a great and respected culture, you could throw that onto social media with your benefits. You could pitch how your facility is a great place to work, with good benefits, and have testimonies to why working there is right for a person. The culture and benefits will also show how you include and respect every employee you have.


3 Tips for Recruiting and Hiring Medical Professionals 2


Finding new candidates for the medical field is hard, even harder is to find professional and experienced ones. However, with the innovation of social media and networking, finding new talent has become revolutionized. And really, the limit to these outlets is only your imagination or what you do and don’t want to do.

Many candidates want to feel respected and as if they are part of a growing and evolving community. Achieving this will bring higher retention and an overall higher recruitment rate. People want to be included, respected, and taken care of. And what better workforce to do this for than the workers that have worked hard through pandemics, and crises. 

Don’t be afraid to engage with your employees, see what you can change or bring to make the culture feel better. Building a greater workplace from the inside boosts chances of recruitment, and the more professional candidates look for great workplaces with great cultures. Remember, that you want to recruit the best, and have to retain them otherwise, they will find a different facility that can offer them better.


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