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It’s no secret that a glass ceiling still exists for women in the workplace. If you’ve been experiencing stress related to feeling left behind in the workplace, there are certain ways that you can manage how you’re feeling as well as your expectations at your job. Here are three tips if you are one of these women who is feeling left behind at her job.

Be Innovative

Sometimes, as women, when our creative flow is being hampered or lessened, then we feel like we’re not working at our best. To help with feeling left behind in the workplace, be innovative in how you approach your work and your job. This will not only benefit you and how you’re feeling, but it will also help when your bosses and colleagues see that you’re providing solutions that are outside of the traditional box.

Find Continued Training and Development Opportunities

Look for resources for ongoing training and development that your work may offer and if they don’t offer any, look elsewhere for ways to learn what you need to learn to move ahead. Don’t be afraid to take the time that you need to better yourself so that you feel more capable in your job. Even the best of workers sometimes feel like they’re lagging behind. Don’t sit and wait for something else to happen. Make a move yourself and find the training and development opportunities that you need in order to feel empowered.

Get a Mentor

Having a mentor can help you grow in leaps and bounds within your job as well as your personal life. The key is finding someone who is been where you are who is not in the same work environment as you. This way you can get a fresh set of eyes on any concerns that you have about yourself, your job, your boss, or colleagues, and you won’t feel self-conscious about discussing these things because this person will not be in the same environment where you’re feeling the pressure from and can help you grow and find ways to manage what you’re feeling.

These are just three ways that you can help yourself feel differently about where you are in the workplace. If you truly are behind, then these three tips will help you catch up quickly and become a leader within your workplace. If you’re feeling left behind in the workplace it is more so an issue of your personal perspective, use these three things to help you grow beyond that feeling.

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