3 Types of Fitness That Helps Enable Your Leadership

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You may be thinking to yourself, “Wow, here’s another ‘productivity’ tip.” Let me stop you there, because I truly think that this is more than just a few ways to help with your productivity. I found myself really flourishing with everything work-related, but my everyday lifestyle wasn’t as productive as I would have wished it was. Figuring out which categories of productivity you need help with, will help you flourish in your daily tasks.  

Physically Fit 

I was never a runner growing up, so I would find myself playing sports and exercising through different methods. Having the mindset of “I am not a runner, but I can do this instead,” is extremely beneficial because it allows you to complete the same tasks as others but with using a different path.  

Being physically fit has so many benefits, but one specifically is your mental productivity. Getting exercise every day and stretching your body will allow you to decompress from the stressors that you are dealing with and focus on the task at hand. There would be days where I would have such stressful work day that all I can think about is the challenges I faced during the day. Allowing yourself time to exercise and work off those unhealthy emotions will allow you to flourish and be productive for the rest of your day.  

Emotionally Fit 

Emotional fitness, or self-care, is not something that a lot of people talk about, but it is so important. Physical fitness ties into emotional fitness quite fluidly. There is a complete correlation between the two because you may find yourself more unhappy when you are eating unhealthy or not getting the exercise you need.  

Emotional fitness allows you to step away from the anxieties that you may normally have and focus on the tasks at hand. This will open up an entire highway of opportunities for productivity and will ultimately help you overall.

Being able to have a productive day with work, family, etc. is so beneficial because you will see an immense amount of improvement in your daily life. 

Financially Fit 

Financial fitness is key to allowing yourself to focus on other parts of your life. If you have constant stress about making your next house payment or water bill, you won’t be able to focus on yourself emotionally and physically. One way to find financial success is by creating a budget.  

Creating a budget will allow you to set goals and standards for your daily spending. Doing so will directly correlate with your productivity for work and daily tasks. Creating a standard to live by will help you increase productivity in every form of your day.  

I used to worry about finances and my bills, which prevented me from actually flourishing emotionally. This ultimately prevented me from being my most productive self. It’s key to focus on each category one at a time, but the only way to allow yourself to focus on each task is eliminating the stressor from the challenging ones. If you find that being financially stable is preventing you from having great emotional fitness and productivity, then focus on finances for a while until you get yourself to a spot where you can focus on yourself emotionally.  


There are three key factors in increasing your ultimate productivity as a person – emotional, physical, and financial fitness. Being able to take control of each will allow you to flourish and be your most productive self. If you ever reach a point where you don’t know where to start anymore, or where you can’t focus on just one category, take time to find help yourself financially, emotionally, or physically. Productivity starts within, but we can’t focus on ourselves if we are letting something prevent us.  

About the Author

3 Types of Fitness That Helps Enable Your Leadership 1

Ben Tejes writes for Living New Economy and works with Savology’s online financial planner with the goal to help lead people to achieve debt and financial freedom. He covers topics such as Coronavirus Unemployment and BankruptcyDebt Forgiveness for Disabled, and Debt Relief Legitimate. When not working, Ben enjoys going on adventures with his wife and three young daughters. 


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