Leadership ManagementGetting to a leadership position requires a ton of hard work.  Staying there, requires even more.  I remember as a youngster thinking that once I made a certain amount of money, that I wouldn’t have to budget anymore.  Boy was I wrong.  I was equally wrong in my youthful thoughts that being in a leadership position didn’t require constant maintenance and upkeep.  Fact is, the things that it took to get to that position, are going to be required going forward, and more.

Here Are 3 Ways That Leadership is Hard Work

  1. Leadership is about relationships.  That means that those relationships have to be nurtured, otherwise they will die.  You must spend time actively maintaining the relationships that got you there.
  2. Leadership is about being humble.  If your ego gets too big for your britches, someone will quite happily puncture it to deflate it.  That means, that no matter how much success you’ve had getting to the top, there are people who will quite happily and eagerly bring you back to reality.  Stay humble, and check your ego at the door.  That means, all of us.  Even those of us with an MBA from a top notch university need to keep the ego in check, because leadership is about ongoing relationships, not what you did before.
  3. Leadership requires a solid head upon your shoulders.  If you want to impress people, brains and solid reasoning are a great way to go.  I’m not talking about being a know it all pain in the pants, but someone who really learns from others around themselves, and uses their noggin.  Ditzy is not cute in a business setting.  In my personal experience ditzy is rarely cute.  Therefore, use your brain.  God gave you one to use, so put it to good use!

What do you think?  In what ways is leadership hard work in your world?  What ways can you add?