3 Ways to Increase Production in Your Business

Production Line Worker

Increasing production in your business does not necessarily mean that you have to spend to achieve a higher capacity. You can get more out of what you already have by increasing productivity. Here are some ways that your business can increase production, giving you more goods and services to sell.

1. Get the Right Tools

The tools are the technological systems and implements that make your production possible. This can be hardware such as the mechanisms that operate your factory or the software that makes your business run. Making updates to your technology and operating architecture can help increase your capacity. Sometimes, what you have is enough – it just needs to run better.

Improving your tools is a marginal change where some investment can go a long way by fine tuning your existing operations. For examples, making incremental changes to your manufacturing process can help you increase your production.

2. Use a Production Preparation Process (3P)

There are benefits to using a 3P system in order to increase production. This relies on the lean production process to redesign an existing production process. Essentially, it takes your existing manufacturing process and makes it easier and more efficient.

It is a multi-phased process where a team can discuss ideas and then vet different solutions to implement those ideas. Designs can then be customized to fit those ideas. 3P can require some time and investment, but the end result is that your company will realize a high rate of return on the investment.

3. Study Your Existing Workflow

Even if you do not want to undertake a radical change to your process, you can still continuously analyze your existing production in order to figure out where you can make incremental changes. It is possible that there is a minor chokepoint in your production that you may not be aware of that is easily fixed.

By closely analyzing what you currently do, you can fine-tune your process. For example, there could be a communication issue in your process and fixing it will cause an increase in efficiency. Businesses should consider value mapping as a means of studying their current processes. Another option for improving business processes and making decisions is the GROW model, which is a targeted framework for assessing problems and making decisions. No matter the process you use, it’s important to study your workflow and target areas for improvement and growth.

Your current production should not be accepted as a given. It can always be tweaked and improved to find various new efficiencies that can both save your company money and help you increase what you produce with the same resources. Contact Haley Lynn Gray to receive the business coaching services you and your business need!


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